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If you’re in the States, that means Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple days and then the official “holiday season” starts for most people. If you’re not in the States (or Thanksgiving has already passed), keep reading anyway. The info I am going to share today applies to anyone and everyone, no matter the time of year or the special occasion.

The holidays are such a time of stress for people when it comes to food. We so want to enjoy the abundance of the holiday, but we are afraid of allowing ourselves to eat all of our favorite foods. If we do allow ourselves to “indulge” we may punish ourselves with restriction or over-exercise to compensate for our “bad” behavior.

My social media feed has been filled with ads saying ridiculous things like: “how to avoid getting fat during the holidays” and “10 days to a slimmer you before Christmas” and “new liquid diet = guaranteed weight loss by the new year!“.

Ugh. I hate how we have gotten so used to having weight loss shoved down our throats and how the media takes any opportunity they can to tell you how you’re not good enough…but you would be if you just dropped x, y, z pounds using their a, b, c methods.


Anywho, that’s why I wanted to pop in during this week before Thanksgiving and the official start of the holiday season and write a quick post to help you navigate the holidays with a little less stress. Even outside of the Winter holidays, this info is applicable no matter what special occasion you might be celebrating (birthdays, weddings, promotions, etc.) so read on, even if it’s smack dab in the middle of summer. 🙂

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