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(this is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote on my other site, JessicaEspinoza.com. You can read the full post here)

One of my primary goals in my work as a coach is to help women learn how to trust themselves around food again. This will automatically help them shift their relationship with their body and their confidence in themselves to make the best decisions they can for their own personal health. This is an area that I am crazy passionate about because it stems from the dark place where I spent much of my life in relationship to food and my body.

It’s a miserable place to live. A place that literally sucks the life out of you, leaving you with nothing else to give to yourself, your family, or the world.

There are some pretty alarming statistics as to just how many women in today’s world hate their bodies and struggle with making grounded decisions around food. This leads to a massive energy drain that prevents us from really being active participants in our life.

Think of all that energy, all that talent, all that goodness that these girls and women could give to the world if they didn’t feel that they needed to worry about how their body looked, and by default, what they put in their mouths.

Think of the incredible changes that could be brought forward in the world if the energy women spent loathing themselves and micromanaging their dinner plate was put to a more productive use?

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

This area of discussion can be very complex and overwhelming for people, especially if they have spent countless years (or decades) in a relationship to food and body that feels disconnected and disempowered. Working through all of these complexities is far more than I could ever write in one single blog post, but today I am going to go over the fundamentals of why we are in this place to start with and how you can begin shifting your current relationship with food and body into a healthier place.

When I work with my clients around shifting their relationship with food, it is all about bringing the power back to the woman. It is about making her right, meeting her where she is, and letting her know that her unwanted behaviors around food and body are not wrong and not her fault.

This topic is often sensitive and many times people don’t want to hear it. But it’s important and it needs to be discussed.And discussed. And discussed some more until we can FINALLY start bringing about some real shifts in the world.

That’s why I took to the computer and wrote this week’s new post over on my other side all about How to Trust Yourself Around Food Again AND 3 Practical Steps to Get Started. You can click here to read it or click on the link below.

Click Here to Read How to Trust Yourself Around Food Again + 3 Practical Steps to Get Started


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