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(this is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote on my other site, JessicaEspinoza.com. You can read the full post here)

This world…

We have become disconnected from ourselves. We are not taught to listen to our body’s subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) cues. We do not know how to tune into our intuition.

Body wisdom is a foreign concept for most. But it’s the one thing that will trump any expert, any time.

While a lot of the work I do with clients and my community is nutrition based, the ones who focus on doing the deeper internal work along with nutrition and lifestyle are the ones who see the most incredible results like this:

  • They learn to listen to their intuition.
  • They learn how to reclaim their personal power.
  • They learn how to love themselves and their journey.
  • They learn how to let go of beliefs, habits, and heartbreak that is no longer serving them.
  • They learn how to become the expert of their own life, regardless of what everyone else tells them.
  • They discover a sense of peace and calm that they have never felt, opening up the space to allow themselves to do bigger things in their life and the world.

When it comes to healing anything in your life or health, you must, must, must learn to:

  • slow down
  • be present
  • listen to your body
  • listen to your intuition (or a higher power if you are spiritual)
  • be willing to go deep
  • learn to love yourself

Healing cannot take place without any of this. It is physically and emotionally impossible.

You can finish reading this blog post and get my 3 strategies for cultivating body wisdom and intuition over on my other site, JessicaEspinoza.com here. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on it all! Leave a comment below. 🙂

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