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Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. ~Oprah

This is one of my favorite quotes. And one that I have really had to learn the importance of as I’ve gotten older, especially in light of dealing with chronic illness.

When I was younger, I had energy to spare, excitement for all things, and wanted to hang out with all sorts of people. I was finding my way, finding my footing in the “real” world. You could say that I was trying on a lot of people for size. I was not intently tuned into how certain people made me feel (i.e. drained or inspired). I think that is a skill that comes with age.

Over the last year, however, I have had to become very conscientious of who I surround myself with and who I associate with. Not in a snotty, conceited way, but as a method of self-preservation. I only have so much time, energy, and bandwidth to give to the world every day so I want to make sure those precious resources are being utilized in the best way possible.

I want to lift people higher, and that is one of the main goals of this site and my coaching practice site. But I also know that we also deserve to receive so I want to surround myself with people who also lift me higher. It’s a two-way street…

Recently, I wrote an article over on JessicaEspinoza.com about The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with the Right People, and why this should be a strategy that you include in your own healing journey. I’d love for you to read it here.

One thing that is not often addressed for most people is the importance of focusing on your emotional, spiritual, and mental health as it relates to chronic illness. This is an area that I am insanely passionate about because learning how much those areas impacted my physical capability of healing was life-changing for me. I hope it is for you too. <3

Click Here to Read The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

To YOUR health, with love,




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