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What the heck is a finger nugget you ask? Well, it’s those things in the picture above. When I made these the first time, I was in somewhat of a hurry, so I haphazardly cut my chicken breasts into pieces. I realized as I was cooking that they were a little too big to be called nuggets, but yet a tad too small to be called fingers. Finger nuggets was born. Silly story, I know. But, it’s fun to say! 🙂

These are SO tasty! The coconut flour and shredded coconut combo make almost a Panko-style breading. They fry up nicely and can be served in any number of ways. They taste great on salads, on sandwiches, or just as is. You could even make mini chicken parmigiana if you wanted! Try dipping them in your favorite sauce. Before I went dairy-free, ranch dressing was my favorite.

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