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For week 21, I shared my recipe for Dilly Carrots with you. That recipe was done in a regular Fido jar which resulted in a much better tasting ferment than I ever got with a Mason jar.

Since that post, I have started using anaerobic fermenting vessels and recommend the ones from my affiliate partner, The Probiotic Jar. I have revised the original recipe for those types of jars. The main difference between my old recipe and my new recipe is that we no longer use whey and the brine is different.

These carrots are delicious. They are garlicky and tangy from the fermentation, a hint of dill, and not nearly as salty as my previous version. That’s because, in the anaerobic jars, the brine is different and tends to be much less salty than the brine that we are all accustomed to from the Mason jar days.

These carrots taste best when they are really cold. Kids love them, so I hear, so if you’ve got some picky eaters in the house, you might try this ferment on them and see if they like it!

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