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{UPDATE FROM JESSICA, June 2023 – Over the last couple of years, my stance on yoga has changed and I no longer practice it or recommend it on my site or to my clients. You can read about my decision to stop practicing yoga here. Best wishes on your personal healing journey. <3}

I have long been a fan of Dr. Sara Gottfried. I wish she lived in Denver so I could make her my own doctor! I have learned a lot from reading her posts and watching her videos over the years. I really appreciate these videos and I discovered them at the perfect time — right now, when I am embarking on my healing journey!

For women, our adrenals, thyroid, and ovaries all work in harmony with one another to keep our hormones balanced. Well, in a perfect body, they all work in harmony. When one gets thrown off balance, the others get thrown off balance too.

In the following videos, she shows us some simple, yoga-related ways that we can help our bodies. I personally attribute yoga to much of my mental healing over the last couple years. I believe that yoga has taught be to learn how handle my stress better. I am far from perfect, but if you could have known me even two years ago, you would see a definite change. Read some of my yoga posts here.

I used to stress out about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It really was quite ridiculous now that I look back on it. I would get myself so worked up about whatever it was at the moment that I would literally make myself sick — my blood pressure would skyrocket, my pulse would go through the roof, I would get nauseous, moody, angry, sad, frustrated, etc. And it wasn’t even big things. I would just fixate on something and then before I knew it, it had completely consumed me.

My poor husband has had to put up with such crap from me. I am so thankful for him. He is the love of my life and I really could not imagine my life without him! Thank you honey! Things will get better — I promise! ♥♥♥

Even if you’re not a practicing yogi, many times, you can just take one or two simple poses and incorporate them into your day. Like she mentions in the following video, even doing just one pose can bring you back to center.

PMS Relief Yoga with Dr. Sara Gottfried


Dr. Sara’s Quickie Meditation for Repairing the Adrenals


Lower Your Cortisol, Lower Your Stress

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