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Yeah. I am so sorry to let my regular readers down this week, but I’ve got nothing! I have been going through a bit of a chaotic month as I transition careers. This week just crept up on me and early this evening, I looked at my calendar and realized that I had nothing prepared for this week’s post! Sigh. Please forgive me.

I will be back next week with something yummy. Not sure yet what that will be, but it will happen! My life should start returning to normal now that the major transition is over and I am starting to get in the swing of my new gig. Until then, please check out some of the yummy ferments we’ve had so far on our journey. Which ones have you tried? Which are your favorites? Any questions or comments? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you all have a fantastic week!


 Week 13 – Cashew Nut Yogurt (Dairy Free and GAPS Friendly) – With an amazing “cheese” cake recipe too!

Recipe: Blueberry Cheesecake Dairy Free and GAPS Legal


Week 8 – Brine Pickled Brussels Sprouts by Melanie from Pickle Me Too

Brine Pickled Brussels Sprouts by Melanie from Pickle Me Too


Week 7 – European Style Cultured Butter

European Style Cultured Butter


Week 5 – Kimchi

Kimchi Recipe


Week 4 – Spontaneous Hard Apple Cider

Spontaneous Hard Apple Cider


Week 1 – Pickled (Lacto-Fermented) Garlic

Pickled (Lacto-Fermented) Garlic

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