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I know pie crusts are one of the easiest things to make, but for some reason, I have always had trouble making them. In the “old days”, I would just buy the pre-made crusts, but recently, I decided that i needed to just suck it up and come up with a recipe for a homemade crust. In addition, I wanted one that was gluten free. After some experimenting, I came up with the following. Tastes great with sweet and savory dishes alike.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that I do not promote unethical products. The only palm products I use are from Tropical Traditions because they DO NOT come from South East Asia where the destruction is taking place. I do not use palm products from any other vendor for this reason. This is what they had to say when I asked them about their products:

“Virgin Palm Oil is palm oil that is traditionally made and maintains the natural nutrients of carotenes (precursors to Vitamin A) and the antioxidant tocotrienols (Vitamin E). Palm oil comes from a tropical palm tree (elaeis guineensis – NOT the same as coconut palm trees), which is native to the tropical areas of Africa, where it grows wild. It is a traditional oil used for more than 5000 years in African countries, where small-scale family farms flourish. The palm oil palm was introduced to South East Asia in the early 1900s, and Malaysia is now the world leader in exports of palm oil (Tropical Traditions does NOT source palm oil from there.) Being an introduced crop to Asia, they are mainly harvested from large plantations. Tropical Traditions Virgin Palm Oil comes from West Africa, NOT South East Asia. You can be sure we are not selling anything from Sumatra or areas destroying habitat. That’s not who we are as a company. Our palm oil pages make this clear also. Our palm shortening, for example, comes from South America and is certified by ProForest. Our virgin palm oil comes from Africa produced sustainably by small-scale producers.”


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