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Introducing The Vibrant Health Podcast :: Episode 1 // deliciousobsessions.com

You guys! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about my newest baby — The Vibrant Health Podcast!

I have wanted to start a podcast for a long time now, but it was one of those things that just remained on my to-do list.

Then, last month, my NTP and close friend, Lydia of Divine Health from the Inside Out, and I decided that NOW was the time to start one. Lydia had also wanted to start podcasting for some time now and we decided that teaming up was the right thing to do.

We are both beyond thrilled about this new venture because it means that we are going to be able to get important health and wellness info out there to even more people.

Since not everyone learns the same way, this new venture will offer a little something for everyone so that you can choose the format you enjoy most. Each week, the Vibrant Health Podcast will be available in at least two formats, with the occasional bonus video option:

  • The podcast (MP3) that you can listen to on your computer OR you can download to your phone, MP3 player, etc..
  • A full transcript of the episode for those of you who like to read.
  • A video of the podcast featuring me and Lydia. We may not have videos every week, but when we do, we will definitely share them. 🙂

So, without further adieu, let’s hop right into this week’s episode where Lydia and I will be giving you and overview of The Vibrant Health Podcast and what you can expect each week!

Listen to The Vibrant Health Podcast :: Episode 1 

Read The Vibrant Health Podcast Transcript :: Episode 1 

Jessica Espinoza: Hi, guys! Welcome to the very first episode of The Vibrant Health Podcast. I’m Jessica Espinoza from DeliciousObsessions.com. And I’m here with my co-host, Lydia Shatney of Divine Health from the Inside Out.

We are so excited to have you here today with our very first episode of this new podcast. We have been learning a ton of information over the last couple of years, and we are really excited to share it with our readers and our audience, and also give you a safe place to come and learn about natural living, health, wellness, nutrition and just how to live a vibrant life and have a healthier life.

Lydia Shatney: That’s right. We’re really excited to be here sharing with our audiences today and in the future. And like Jessica said, we have a lot to share, but not just information though. We’ve worked together for a couple of years. We were just talking about this actually. It’s been since about August 2012 when Jessica and I started working together. I was a new practitioner at the time, and she was ready to make some health shifts. And along the way, what we’ve discovered is a lot of things about health in regard to mindsets.

So we want to shake up some mindsets too with this podcast. We don’t want to just give you more information so that you get overwhelmed with information — what I like to say to people as ‘constipated with information’ because there just seems to be a lot of it out there. I think people get overwhelmed. What we call constipated, in other words, is kind of frozen from taking action because it’s too overwhelming.

So here we are, and we want to help you get clarity, direction, and focus with what we have to share.

Jessica Espinoza: Absolutely. I totally agree. You know me well. I am one of those people who get constipated with information. I do lots of research on things and I read information from all sorts of different sources, and then I become really overwhelmed because I can’t figure out how to implement those things into my life. A lot of times, I can’t even figure out what the best course of action is for me.

So as you know, over the last few years, I’ve struggled with my health. I had an autoimmune thyroid disease diagnosis back in 2012. I felt I was making some progress over the last year or two, but then I stalled out and hit this plateau where I just wasn’t healing anymore.

And so that’s when is started working with you again, more in depth and focused on my issues. And I really feel like there has been a lot of clarity for me in knowing the steps that I need to take in order to regain my health.

So for the first time in quite a while, I actually feel really optimistic that I’m going to achieve my health goals and finally get to a point where we can start a family and I can wake up every day feeling great instead of just feeling okay. I’m ready to move from okay to great.

So I’m really excited about this.

Lydia Shatney: Me too, me too. I’m so glad we were able to reconnect and get back into a groove together. Hopefully, we can share this experience with our audiences and to touch on some of the things you just shared….. It’s very common for people to really get stuck in their heads. In fact, almost every single client I talk to, they have this big, long list of supplements they’re taking are like, “Yes, I don’t really take them very consistently.

So what I find is the real reason for that is because they’re just really not sure. They’re not sure what they should be taking, but they want to do something. And so there’s a lot of confusion out there. There is too much information and you get bogged down.

So we have a path that’s clear and focused now. We have hair analysis, which has been awesome. We want to share more of that kind of stuff with everyone else because a lot of people are out there wanting to get healthy and want to recover their health. It’s a frustrating path to do it alone and on your own. And honestly, sometimes people are making things worse listening to all the advice that’s out there.

So we could give a starting point and help people get some clarity here.

Jessica Espinoza: That’s great. I really feel there’s a need for a little bit of hand-holding maybe, but just to push all the information out because every day, when you’re online, you’re seeing, ‘Take this for that’ ‘this heals that’, and all of that kind of stuff. And so all of a sudden, we’re this culture who thinks they just need to run to the health food store, buy that latest supplement and it’s going to help heal them. But they’re not really looking at the biochemistry and what’s happening in the body on a cellular level, which is critical.

Probably the biggest thing that I’ve learned from you is really understanding what’s going on at a cellular level in your body because you if you don’t fix some of those issues, you’re really never going to be able to regain your health, which is quite likely why I never really was able to get over…..I feel I got almost to the top of the hill, but I could never quite push over the top. I think there were some really fundamental things wrong with some of my protocols and things that I was missing, just for lack of education. I didn’t know at the time.

But I really have to say, I can’t express enough how I excited I am that for once, I actually feel really hopeful, which for me is a really big thing because I felt like I was just resigned to just feeling okay for the rest of my life. And I really want to feel great and be able to accomplish amazing things, but I can’t do that unless my health is in a really, really good place.

So what do you want to cover in our podcast? What can our audience expect to hear from us? What types do you think that we’re going to cover?

Lydia Shatney: Well, I’m sure we’ll talk about a lot of stuff. But as you were speaking, what came to my mind is there’s a lot of fear. People are afraid. And so that causes anxiety and they spin in circles and go around and around and don’t really get anywhere. There’s a lot of, “I can do it myself” because people are sick and tired of doctors giving them bad advice or they can’t find someone who will listen to them truly, so they just give up and they just try to do it on their own, which I don’t know if that’s the best route either, unfortunately, today because you could potentially be giving yourself something you don’t need.

So one of the focuses we’ll probably hang out with will be through talking about hair analysis and getting your biochemistry corrected, as well as a lot of mentalities that are out there that are causing people some harm and keeping them stalled in their health and everything like that. I’ve run into the gamut of emotional and psychological things with clients who get stuck because of them.

So we want to bust some myths and get people clear and feeling peace and confidence with where they’re headed for themselves. I think that’s a really big key because it’s really hard to navigate everything that’s out there.

Jessica Espinoza: I totally agree about that. And I think the mental health aspect is probably one of the things that I am most excited about us covering because I’ve seen that with myself where I get stalled out or I feel like if I can’t do everything perfectly, then I’m not going to make any progress. And so I really have learned, and I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve learned that just try to take on one thing at a time, and maybe master that thing. And then add some other stuff in as I am able.

But I really feel the mental health aspects of healing and working through the baggage that we all come with and getting over these mindsets that have been instilled in us over the years about what is right and what is wrong and how we should eat and how we should act and all that stuff, I think that really is one of the most important aspects of healing.

And it’s something that’s not really being addressed by a whole lot of practitioners. Some practitioners are but I know that the practitioners that I worked with, except for you, nobody has really focused on the mental health aspect of it, about getting my head in the right place to where I could allow my body to heal because I am one of those people who can very easily self-sabotage myself.

So yes, I could just get myself worked up to where any good stuff that I could potentially be doing for my health is being negated by where my mind is.

So I’m excited about that.

One of the main reasons that I even wanted to start a podcast with you, I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a while but I wanted to partner with you specifically because I feel we talk probably once a week and our talks are always fascinating. And every time I get off the phone with you, my mind is blown. I walk away from that conversation thinking, wow, you’re really challenging some of my beliefs and the way that I view health and the way that I view nutrition and it’s just starting to make so much sense to me. I’m seeing a lot of things that I have believed all these years that could potentially be wrong, and could have been detrimental to my health in the long term.

So I really just have to say I’m so excited about partnering with you because you have so much wonderful information to share with people and we need to get it out there. This is really important info.

Lydia Shatney: Yes, definitely. And through working with people, day in and day out, I hear these mental hurdles that people are struggling with. Quite frankly, I’m the kind of person who, listen, my day isn’t going to go well for me if I don’t hash my stuff out. I’m a big time processor, if you will, and I’m constantly working through my own thoughts, emotions and feelings, and I’ve been doing that for a long time.

So it’s been a longtime learning curve for me. But I don’t like to see people get stuck and feel bogged down by things that they don’t need to. And there are just so many mentalities and mindsets out there that hold people back.

And to me, health isn’t just about what you put in your mouth. It’s what you feed your mind. So your thought processes in and whether you think positively or negatively, and a lot of people have this idea of, “But I’m doing all these good things. Why am I not getting better?”

It’s like, “Well, okay, hold on.” Let’s stop for a second and not look at this as a linear thing or, “I’m doing this performance and I should get this result.”

Really, healing is about a day in and day out process of just more than the perfect diet or, “Oh, I exercise and I ate right and I drank all my water.”

It’s so much more than that. And I think a lot of people are missing that part. And they’re doing a behavior that they think deserves a prize or something. And I’m not saying that to be rude. It’s where we go. We go into this mindset and it’s not helpful because I think it’s minimizing.

So when you are in this place of, “I finally realized, I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I want to do something about it.” And then you start to make these changes and you think, “Oh, I should have this certain amount of progress.” It’s really more of a life choice that you have to get yourself into the groove of and realize, “No, this is just how I live.”

And then you can reflect back and see how far you’ve come along. And sometimes, things are radical and you feel great all of a sudden. And sometimes, it’s just really slow and steady.

So I say that because some people feel they just want to give up because they think this way. They think x plus y equals z. And this isn’t linear, folks. This is….look at nature, you know what I mean? Nature is very wild and it’s not controlled in this black and white linear way or approach, I guess, is what I’m trying to say.

Jessica Espinoza: That’s a really good point. I think we have a mindset, a reward mindset. So probably for a lot of people, they’re thinking, “Okay, I’m exercising really well and I’m eating really well. And I’m doing all of these things.”

So x plus y plus z, and then all of a sudden, I think a lot of times we expect those instantaneous rewards to like, “Hey, we’ve had one great week of eating well and sleeping well and exercising and all that stuff.” And so they expect maybe on Saturday morning, we wake up and the heavens have opened up and our health is all of a sudden regained.

It’s been hard for me to realize what a slow and long process healing can be sometimes. You can definitely make some great strides. I have had some things happen over the last couple of months that happened really suddenly and unexpectedly health-wise, improvements in my health that were really exciting. So I know I’m getting those little glimpses of quick healing and things that are shifting in my body which is great because that helps keep my motivation up and keeps me focused on everything.

But I also realize that I have to look at this long-term that this is going to take a while. I didn’t get to the point that I was when I got the autoimmune diagnosis and all that stuff. I didn’t get to that overnight. So I can’t expect to regain my health overnight either.

I think that rewards mentality is maybe what trips up a lot of people because they expect if they do these things for a certain amount of time, then they’re going to be rewarded or they’re going to have met their goals or whatever. And sometimes, it’s a lot slower than that.

I think that’s hard for a lot of people.

Lydia Shatney: Yes, it is. It’s really one day a time, just take it one day at a time. Quite frankly, we should be really thankful that our bodies are keeping us alive. And, if you look at the world that we are in, there is so much going on that’s combating our health in a negative way.

So I really want to shed positive light on things and help people just be more focused in a positive way because that negativity can really take you down, and tax you. It’s really amazing just from seeing so many hair tests and seeing how bad the mineral patterns are. I’m like, “Wow. How are these people functioning? Their body is trying to save their life.”

Your body is trying to save your life every single day.

So we need to be more grateful for what our bodies are doing for us and look in that way. And it just makes us just so much more open to every day making that choice to take good care of ourselves, I think. At least that helps me a lot.

Jessica Espinoza: Very well said. I completely agree. So we’ve given our audience a little bit of an overview for what they can expect. And I know we’ve been a little bit serious here in talking about all of the serious health topics and everything. But we’re going to have fun on the podcast too. This is real life with me and Lydia. There are going to be bloopers. There are going to be things that happen during our show. So you can expect some laughter and some humor. We take topics. I’ll just bring up taboo topic. Lydia talks about bowel movements with her clients every single day and so we are really here to take the taboo out of some of these topics that people just don’t want to talk about because they’re embarrassing or they’re shy or whatever.

So you can expect a lot of humor on the show too. It’s not going to be cut and dry, serious, purely educational, informational stuff. You can really expect some fun stuff too.

So don’t get too bored with just the, this more of the scientific and the health stuff. You can expect a lot of fun stuff too.

Lydia Shatney: There’s no such thing as TMI when it comes to your health, people.

Jessica Espinoza: I share things with you over the last few years that I would have never have dreamed of sharing with anybody.

Lydia Shatney: It’s a whole another mindset thing. We’ve just got to bust it all.

Well, thanks so much, everyone, for listening to us today. We just are so happy to be able to get our voices out there and share with you. We really hope it inspires you and helps you in your own health journey.

Also, we would love to hear from you. We would love for you to like our videos and comment and share them as well as give us some questions or even say, “Hey, we’d love to hear you talk about this or that or whatever it may be.”

So please feel free to keep in touch with us and share and we hope that helps a lot. Thanks.

Jessica Espinoza: Absolutely. So we are going to wrap up and we will be back next week with episode number two, and we will dive right into the nitty gritty. So have a great day, everybody.

Lydia Shatney: Bye.

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