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Finally! A homemade deodorant recipe that works (at least for me). This rosemary lemongrass deodorant recipe was inspired by one of my favorite, non-toxic deodorants from Bubble and Bee. I gave up commercial deodorants a long time ago, since I knew they were filled with all sorts of toxic ingredients. I have tried pretty much every non-toxic deodorant out there, plus several DIY recipes and have never really found anything quite right.

Then, I discovered the lemongrass rosemary deodorant from Bubble and Bee. You can read the review I did of their deodorants here. I’ve been using that specific deodorant for the last year or so and love it! Well, eventually, my stick ran out. 🙁 I am trying to maintain a budget, so spending $13.00 on a stick of deodorant (even if it will last me for a year) was just not going to cut it. I knew I had to make my own. Nothing against Bubble and Bee. I love their products and I appreciate their non-toxic mission. If you’re not a DIY-type person, then I strongly encourage you to check out their stuff! Sadly, I just noticed that they no longer sell their lemongrass and rosemary variety, so I guess I was destined to make my own regardless!

When I read the ingredients on my now empty tube of deodorant, I realized there was nothing complicated about their recipe. AND, even better, I had everything I needed on hand already, so I didn’t have to spend any money! Cha-ching! After some trial and error with proportions, I finally got the recipe just right and have been happily using my knock off deodorant ever since!

The bentonite clay helps with moisture and odor control, as does the baking soda. If you are sensitive to baking soda, I believe arrowroot or corn starch would work just fine, though I have not tried that.

I personally love the lemongrass and rosemary combination, but if you’re not a fan of those scents, you can substitute your favorite essential oils. Eucalyptus and tea tree are great for deodorants, as is lavender. But, really, you can use whatever you’d like.

This makes enough to fill one stick perfectly — if you need more the recipe is easily doubled, tripled, quadrupled, or more!

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