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I just had to share this video that was shared by one of my readers. Seems like garlic is the theme of the week. Not sure if this works or not, but I will be trying it next time I make lacto-fermented garlic! Have you done it this way? Does it work?

Update 8/25/13 – It was brought to my attention that I forgot to update this post after I tried this technique. I have used this method numerous times and it does work. It takes longer than 10 seconds if you’re doing more than one head at a time. When I make lactofermented garlic, I am typically making a 2-3 liter jar at once, so that is a TON of garlic. It does help to loosen the skins and I just sit down in front of a movie and process my garlic. If you were just doing one head of garlic, then it definitely goes fast!


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