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Colorado is one of the states that bans the sale of raw milk. Hard to believe, seeing that this state was founded on agriculture, farming and ranching. The only states that allow the sale of raw milk in stores are California, Connecticut, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, South Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico.

This is a handy map that shows the State-by-State Raw Milk Laws. The website, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is a great site and organization. They are defending the rights and freedoms of family farms and consumers to have access to raw milk and wholesome foods. The government (driven mostly by Monsanto) is trying to completely control our food sources and limit our access to healthy, nutritious foods.

If you live in Colorado, the only way you can have access to raw milk is through a cow share. There are many ranches and dairy farms that have this option available. Keep in mind that getting raw milk through a cow share is going to be more expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. Raw milk really is a miracle food.

Here’s the list for Colorado. If you live in a state other than Colorado, you can find your list here.

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