Classic Chicken and Vegetable Soup Recipe

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Classic Chicken and Vegetable Soup Recipe // Follow Me on Pinterest

Is there anything better than a big pot of soup simmering on the stove? Soup is a wonderful food. It can be a simple or complex as you want it to be. It is one of those dishes that you really don’t need a recipe for – you can make soup out of just about anything. And, the longer it simmers, the better it tastes. As a matter of fact, homemade soup tastes better the next day than it does the day it’s made!

Another reason that soup is so wonderful is that it can be a low calorie food. It can be hearty and filling without totally derailing your calorie count (if you count calories). If you are trying to lose weight, or just trying to eat more vegetables, then a big bowl of vegetable soup is just what the doctor ordered.

Because it’s such a versatile food, I’m going to outline the basic building blocks for you, but then let you run with it. Make it your own … soup is very forgiving. As my mother always says, “If you start with good ingredients, then it will turn out good!” If you have leftover veggies, chicken, steak, potatoes, etc, this is another great place to use them up! I often keep a Ziploc bag in the freezer to collect little remnants of stuff that I can later use in the soup pot. It’s a great way to ensure that nothing goes to waste!

P.S. Did you know that soups and stews are an EXCELLENT source of gelatin if you use homemade stock? Sometimes, I even add a tablespoon or so of gelatin into my bowl of soup for added nutrition. If you want to learn more about gelatin and its benefits for our health, I highly recommend this book, The Gelatin Secret: The Surprising Superfood That Transforms Your Health and Beauty, from my affiliate partner, Sylvie McCracken. This book is packed with incredible information on how gelatin helps all aspects of our health and also features delicious recipes!


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  1. Soup is so wonderfully healthy, and this one looks scrummy! I love chicken and veg soup 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with Sunday Night Soup Night, look forward to seeing you again soon!


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