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Editor’s Note: While there are not currently any GM tomatoes on the market in the U.S., there were at one time, and commercial utilization also took place in Indonesia and China.

Today I want to talk about GMOs.

They are all over the news right now, as several states (Colorado included) have GMO labeling initiatives on the ballot for November 4th (two days away!).

While I do support GMO labeling (because I think we all have a right to know what we are putting in our bodies), there is always one aspect of the debate that never gets much press (at least in the mainstream media):

How GMOs destroy our gut health.

So many people suffer from leaky gut. And if you have leaky gut, you have some sort of chronic illness, or are well on your way to getting one.

You’ve heard me say before that in the U.S. alone, over 60% of the population suffer from some sort of digestive disorder. Some are minor, some are very severe.

I believe that GMOs play a major role in these disorders.

Recently, I watched a clip of Sean Croxton’s talk with Dr. Tom O’Bryan. He was speaking about how GMOs affect our digestion and our body’s ability to digest our food. It goes like this:

Consumption of GMO foods –> Leaky Gut –> Chronic Disease

Watch Dr. O’Bryan’s talk below. It’s only 3 minutes and it’s worth watching, as Dr. O’Bryan really breaks it down for us. It is SCARY what is happening to our health and the long-term outlook for the human race (and our animals) if consumption of GMOs continue.


Speaking of GMOs, there is another great video that I’d love for you to watch if you have 3 more minutes. This one is with Jeffrey Smith (one of the leading experts in the world on GMOs).

Mr. Smith specifically discusses the dramatic improvements in health when GMOs are removed from human and animal diets. It is INCREDIBLE! It goes like this:

Remove GMOs from diet –> Improved digestive health –> Decrease or reversal of chronic illness

Watch Jeffrey Smith’s talk below.


These talks are just two of the snippets from the upcoming Digestion Sessions Summit. This summit features full-length, HD talks with Dr. O’Bryan, Jeffrey Smith, and many others. It’s completely free and believe me when I tell you that I have not been this excited about any online summit this whole year.

Reserve your spot here.

Now, do tell me. Do you avoid GMOs? Have you noticed an improvement in your health when removing them from your diet? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below!

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