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UPDATE 7/25/12: Since writing this post over a year ago, I have since stopped using whey in my ferments. You can read about why I decided to stop using whey as a ferment starter here. That said, whey still has an important place in my kitchen. It is very nutrient dense and extremely nourishing. Read this great post from Lydia at Divine Health from the Inside Out about why whey should be consumed regularly. You can also see why Melanie, from Pickle Me Too, has decided to stop using whey as a ferment starter as well. The following tutorial is still great though because many people don’t know just how easy it is to “make whey”! Enjoy! ~Jessica

If you have read and/or follow the recipes in Nourishing Traditions, you’ve seen that whey is used in many of the recipes, especially in the fermenting of foods. Lacto-fermented foods are foods where whey is used to help stimulate the good bacteria production.

Whey is a complete protein and is full of amino acids. It can be used for a whole host of things, including:

  • Use it for the acid when you’re soaking your grains, soaking nuts and seeds, and soaking legumes.
  • Use it to lacto-ferment vegetables and fruits.
  • Add some to your soups, smoothies, or as the liquids in baked goods to help increase the protein.
  • Drink it as a protein drink that is easily assimilate and digested (some people like the taste, some don’t).
  • Use it on your skin to soothe irritation.
  • Pour it over your dogs food (if you want to share)

For the longest time, I didn’t know what whey was or how I could get my hands on some, and I know I’m not alone. Whey is SO easy to obtain. It just take one ingredient and a couple simple steps. This recipe can easily be doubled, tripled, etc., depending on how much you need.

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