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Weekly Recipe Wrap Up

Hi everyone! How was your week? Mine was busy, busy, as usual, but it was also very nice. I got a lot accomplished, plus, my husband and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary, so the week ended with a smashing success!

I stumbled across a lot of new blogs this week and my bookmark list is getting longer and longer. Let’s see if we can find some fantastic recipes from new bloggers!

Endive and Satsuma Mandarin Salad – This sounds mighty tasty! Endive is one of the vegetables that I forget about, but it’s full of all sorts of good things, so I really should eat it more often. Plus, the mandarins have been amazing this year!

Carrots with Pomegranate Glaze – I thought this sounded heavenly. I love both carrots and pomegranates and their photos are so gorgeous and appetizing. Plus, what a simple side dish and easy way to eat more veggies!

Rutabaga Mash – Have you ever eaten a rutabaga? I haven’t, though I’ve stopped to look at them in the store many times. I’ve just never known what to do with it if I purchased one. But, thankfully, I found this recipe and now I think I might give it a try!

Fresh Figs with Blue Cheese and Honey – While figs aren’t really in season right now, this recipe sounds intriguing. Figs are another ingredient that I’ve been a little intimidated by, but this recipe seems so simple, yet yields such a stunning dish. The photography is absolutely phenomenal too!

Daring Cooks do Cassoulet and Confit – Looking for a recipe that looks challenging and gourmet, but is actually nothing to be scared of? Give this one a try. After all, we all want to be daring cooks, right?

Rosemary scented Harissa Beef and Lentil Stew– This recipe sounds so hearty and comforting. Yum! What a fantastic dish for a cold winter day.

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