Weekly Recipe Wrap Up – The Preserved Lemon Edition

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I started going through all of my bookmarks of the recipes I wanted to feature in this week’s Weekly Recipe Wrap Up and I started laughing when I saw just how many recipes I have collected for preserved lemons. So, I figured I would focus this week’s edition on this tasty, fermented food. Preserved (fermented) lemons are a great source of vitamin C and probiotics. These lemons are used a lot in Moroccan and North African cooking.

Nouished Kitchen’s “Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Carolyn Jung’s “Meyer Lemons — The Salty”

David Lebovitz’s “Moroccan Preserved Lemons”

The Mommypotamus’ “Preserved Lemon Recipe”

Granola Mom 4 God’s “Fermented Lemons”

Simply Recipes’ “How to Make Preserved Lemons”

The Kitchn’s “How to Make Preserved Lemons”

Pickl-It’s “Italian or Moroccan-Spiced Lacto-Fermented Lemon Recipe”

Seasonal Cehf’s “A North African Way With Lemons”

Hunter Nagler Gardener Cook’s “How to Preserve Lemons”

Green Organic Mama’s “Probiotic Foods: Salted Lemons, & Miso”

And for something a little different:

Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s “Fermented Lemonade Punch from Nourishing Traditions”

The Healthy Home Economist’s “Fermented (Hindu) Lemonade”

Nature Mom’s Blog’s “Friday Favorite: Limoncello”


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