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How to Get Real Food at Wholesale Prices :: Thrive Market Review //

Real food is expensive, isn’t it?

I know a lot of people like to say it’s not, but guess what?

It is.

Especially when you’re on a budget and really have to think carefully about what you fill your cart with at the grocery store.

Ever since I quit my “real” job last year, we’ve had to tighten up our belts (and our grocery budget),  so each week, I struggle a bit to get everything we need while staying within our budget.

I have always been a bargain shopper, but when it came to real food, I made the decision a long time ago that I would cut back in all other areas of my life in order to leave more money to buy the quality food I wanted.

Food is our first line of defense against illness.

Thankfully, there is an AWESOME new site that allows me to get a lot of the products I need at prices that are cheaper than other online retailers AND my local health food stores.

I am all about shopping online. The less time I have to spend at the grocery store, the better.

Psst…Make sure you read to the end because Thrive is giving away some AWESOME prizes for my readers only! 🙂

Introducing Thrive Market :: Wholesome Products. Wholesale Prices


I was introduced to Thrive Market a few months ago when they first launched and immediately fell in love. I love them even more now that they have added a lot more products to their store. I am excited to team up with them as a trusted affiliate partner because I know how expensive real food can be and I want to be able to help my readers save money! Remember, I only recommend brands and/or products on this site that I have personally tried and love. I never recommend a company or product that I am not 100% in love with!

What is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market is the first socially conscious online store offering the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. They carry over 2,500 of the highest quality food, supplements, home, personal care, and beauty products from over 400 of the best brands on the market, all delivered straight to your door at 25-50% off retail prices. Their mission is to make health living easy, affordable, and accessible for every American family.

Think Whole Foods met Costco, they fell in love, and had a beautiful baby. 😉

Thrive Market also has a social mission and they believe that purpose in business is every bit as important as profits. For them, that purpose is to make healthy living easy and accessible for every American family. That’s why they offer these products at fair prices. It’s also why we’ve committed to donating a free Thrive membership to a low-income family for every paid membership on the site – forever.

How Does it Work?

Thrive Market is an online membership site where you can shop for your favorite organic and natural foods, skin care products, home care products, and more all from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll save time and money, even with the annual membership. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign Up For a Free account.

Once you register, you can browse Thrive Market’s entire online catalog for your favorite products. They are adding new items to their line-up all the time, so there is almost guaranteed to be something new every time you log in.

2. Make Your First Purchase and Save 15%.

Right off the bat, no strings attached. Plus, you get free shipping on orders over $49. So you save even more $$$!

3. Enjoy Your Free Trial Membership.

After you make your first purchase, your free 30-day trial membership begins. Keep shopping for those 30 days and see just how much you can save. You’re welcome to cancel at any time.

4. Purchase Your Own Membership After Your Initial 30 Days.

If you end up loving the service, you can purchase a full membership for $59.95 per year. That is only $4.99 a month! I spend WAAAAAAAAAY more than that in gas running back and forth to the many grocery stores I shop at every month, plus not to mention the time out of my day!

5. Pat Yourself On The Back For Giving Back To the Community.

Remember, for every membership that is purchased, Thrive gives a low-income family a full membership to the site to ensure that they can get the quality food they need. How cool is that?!

What Brands Does Thrive Carry?

Pretty much anything you can find at your local health food store, you can find on Thrive. Here are some of my favorite brands:

  • Pacific Organic Foods
  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Alive & Radiant
  • Justin’s
  • Navitas Naturals
  • Coconut Secret
  • Vital Proteins
  • Dr. Bronner’s
  • Arrowhead Mills
  • Enjoy Life
  • Spectrum
  • Braggs
  • Native Forest
  • Simply Organic
  • Nutiva
  • Artisana
  • Wholesome Sweeteners
  • Madhava
  • Real Salt
  • Sweet Leaf
  • Annie’s
  • Mighty Leaf Teas
  • Traditional Medicinals
  • Gaia Herbs
  • Bach Rescue Remedy
  • Jarrow Formulas
  • New Chapter
  • Nature’s Way
  • and TONS more!

How Much Money Can I REALLY Save?

Ahhhh, this is the biggie! The one we are all curious about. I have seen a lot of online sites say they can beat other brand’s prices, but many times they don’t.

So, I was a bit skeptical when I was first introduced to Thrive, but let me tell you. I compared prices between Thrive, Vitacost, and Amazon (the two places I do most of my online shopping) and was stunned at how Thrive beat everyone’s prices almost every time! I didn’t have time to compile all the numbers to compare my local Natural Grocers and Whole Foods, but Thrive’s prices were consistently lower than what I could find locally.

I compiled a spreadsheet to show the winners for my price checks. Granted this is far from a comprehensive list, but you’ll get the idea. Thrive didn’t win every single price check, but they got most of them!

How to Get Real Food at Wholesale Prices :: Thrive Market Review //

Here’s a peek at my recent order from Thrive. All of this cost $50. If I had purchased elsewhere, it would have probably been closer to $70 for all of this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thrive Market 

I know that there will inevitably be some questions about Thrive Market and their services. Here are the top FAQs, direct from Thrive. If you have questions that are not answered here, please leave me a question below or email me and I’ll get you an answer! 🙂

Why Should I Pay a Membership Fee?

Like Costco, Netflix, and NPR, Thrive Market is a membership community. By paying the equivalent of just $5/month ($59.95 annually), your membership fee makes it possible for them to search high and low for the best healthy products, buy them directly from suppliers, and combine our buying power to bring them to the Thrive community at 25-50% below retail prices. This allows us to sustain our mission to make healthy living universally accessible.

Is the membership really worth it?

In our humble opinion, absolutely! At average discounts of 35% to retail, with just $110 worth of purchases on Thrive Market, you will have made back your initial membership fee. That means that if you’re an average American family of four, buying just 25% of your monthly groceries at Thrive Market will pay back your membership fee in under one month. Just as importantly, your paid membership will sponsor a free annual membership for a low-income family. That’s free access for an entire year to healthy, wholesome products at prices lower than their highly-processed, unhealthy alternatives.

How does the free trial work?

We offer a free 30-day trial for every new member at Thrive Market. The idea is to give you a chance to experience Thrive savings firsthand before you commit to an annual membership. Your free trial starts with your first Thrive purchase and will last a full month with full membership benefits. If at any point during that time, you decide you don’t want to be a Thrive member, you can cancel and we’ll never charge your card for a membership.

What kinds of products does Thrive Market carry?

We’ve curated the Thrive Market catalog to include each of the top products from hundreds of the leading natural products brands across categories like cooking ingredients, healthy snacks, nutritional supplements, natural home goods, and bath & beauty. What you won’t find: 115 different varieties of almond butter stretching down an aisle as far as the eye can see. What you will find: over 2,500 of the most popular natural products from the very best brands – brands that exude the values of health, sustainability, and premium quality.

How do I know if a product aligns with my diet and values?

We’ve meticulously merchandised our catalog to ensure exceptional coverage across dozens of key dietary preferences and values. From Paleo and gluten-free to vegan and raw to non-GMO and certified organic, we’ve got you covered. Just as importantly, we’ve painstakingly tagged every product in our catalog along 90+ such filters so that you can easily customize your shopping experience to your preferences and values with a click of the mouse.

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