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Eat The Yolks Book Review / DeliciousObsessions.com

Many of you probably know Liz Wolfe from her blog Real Food Liz (formerly Cave Girl Eats). I have followed her for some time now and always enjoy her posts because her personality shines through her writing and makes it fun to read.

Her new book is no different — her bright and witty personality is evident on each page as she tackles real food nutrition in a fun and humorous way. While some people may think that reading a book on nutrition would be boring, Liz writes in a way that makes you want to keep turning the page.

For decades, our good old government has told us that we need to avoid saturated fats, keep our cholesterol low, and eat lots of “whole grains” (i.e. carbohydrates) to stay healthy. Low-fat, high-carb was the way to ensure we lived long, healthy, happy lives.

Where has that advice gotten us?

Fat, sick, and nearly dead (which is a great documentary, btw).

It has created an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other largely preventable disease. All because of poor nutritional advice that was based on politics more than actual science.

“The powers-that-be had their chance to shape America’s health for the better, and if the last few decades of health disasters are any indication, they failed. Miserably.” ~Liz Wolfe, Eat the Yolks

The information Liz shares in her book is critical to the health and wellness of our nation and this world. It’s time we take a good hard look at what we are eating and how food can either heal or destroy our bodies. So start eating those pastured eggs fried in butter and coconut oil. After reading this book, you will find that all of the foods that have been “forbidden” are actually the very foods that create optimal health in our bodies.

“We don’t need more dogma or another diet plan. We need nutrition.” ~Liz Wolfe, Eat the Yolks

Liz has an uncanny knack for taking serious information and making it easily accessible to everyone, no matter their background. Regardless of whether you are new to real food or have been a “real foodie” for years, you will enjoy this book.

If you’re new, expect your eyes will be blown wide open. You’ll never view food the same again.

If you’re a seasoned real food expert, this book will be a great refresher course, and I’ll bet you’ll learn something new.

“Eating real, natural foods with a long history in the human diet isn’t hard. Unlearning all the crap we’ve been taught? That’s hard.” ~Liz Wolfe, Eat the Yolks

This is going to be my go-to book when I want to give a gift to someone just starting out on their real food journey, as it is the perfect primer to kick off their adventure into wholesome, nourishing foods … now, go eat those yolks!

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P.S. Liz, thank you for sending me a copy to review! I have so enjoyed reading your work and look forward to following your journey as you continue to grow!

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