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I am so excited to bring you my review and giveaway of Poppy Soap Company’s amazing hand made soaps! Let get right to it!

Last month, Lindy, founder of Poppy Soap Co. contacted me and asked if she could send me some of her soaps to try out. Lindy is a friend of my friend Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama, and Jennifer had already spoken so highly of her products that I simply HAD to try them out! I was so excited!

DISCLOSURE: I was provided samples of these products at no charge. I was under no obligation to post a review or giveaway, nor did I receive any monetary compensation for this post. All views and opinions expressed are my own. Read our full terms and conditions here.

Who is this Poppy Soap Co.?

First, a little about Poppy Soap Co. This company was founded by Lindy, who, after becoming a  mother wanted to build a more sustainable lifestyle focused on living mindfully, caring for their bodies naturally, and healing holistically. From her desire to create this type of life, the handmade soap business was born. She moved from a corporate, medical sales career to a career focused on helping people nurture their skin. Poppy Soap Co. is a 100% carbon neutral company and they rin the business with the highest eco standards, including using reusable and recyclable packaging. All products are hand made, right here in the U.S.

What is Organic Handmade Soap with a Cause? Well, we already know that special care and attention goes into each bar of soap that Poppy Soap creates. However, they take it a step further and started a “bar for bar” program. For each bar of soap they sell, they donate a bar of soap to your local women’s shelter. Why women’s shelters? Lindy explains:

As sisters in this human family, we recognize that intimate partner violence is far too common. It is devastating, not only for the women but also for their children. Your bar-for-bar donation is a personal and tangible way to tell these women and children that someone cares and that they are not alone. It is like a warm hug from afar.

Poppy Soap Co. is a small part of the larger community and we want to support and uplift those in need. We believe that how we choose to spend our dollars makes a statement about what’s important to us. We may not be able to single handedly end intimate partner violence, but this simple gift of beautiful handcrafted organic soap offers victims comfort, encouragement, and renewal.

You can even nominate your local women’s shelter here.

This is a truly eco-friendly company who gives back to their community and the communities of their customers. Wow!

Amazing Soaps

When I first visited the Poppy Soap Co.’s website, I was blown away by the simple beauty of their soaps. They really are like small pieces of art — how on earth would I ever be able to use them? Lindy told me to pick out three soaps that I wanted to try. It was a HARD decision, but I settled on:

Sea Buckthorn Satsuma: “Our Sea Buckthorn Satsuma Organic complexion bar packs a punch. Brimming with life giving nutrients, Sea Buckthorn oil is full of antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamin A, C, E as well as Omega-7. It calms and rejuvenates inflamed problematic skin, giving you back your glow. The tangerine Satsuma essential oil blend will gently awaken your skin leaving it refreshed, invigorated.”

Lavender Lemongrass: “Our Lavender Lemongrass organic soap helps wash away stress as well as the toxins collected on your skin throughout the day. It really is the perfect combination wrapped into one feel good bar of soap! The soothing aroma of summer lavender calms your nerves and the brightness of lemongrass awakens your mind and senses.”


Orange Patchouli Walnut: “Our Orange Patchouli Walnut organic body soap bar is the ultimate pick me up! Earthy and uplifting, this soap is for the mind and body. Patchouli essential oil is used for balancing emotions, while orange essential oil gives a burst of energy. The ground walnut shells help to send those rough spots packing! After a date with this bar, your body will look and feel silky smooth.”


Their soaps ALWAYS contain:

  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Beneficial Therapeutic Essential Oils
  • Healing Botanical Extracts
  • All Plant Based Derived Formulations
  • Handcrafted in Small Batches With Love
Their soaps NEVER contain:
  • Sulfates & detergents
  • Synthetics
  • Artificial fragrance & colorants
  • Petroleum
  • Phthalates
  • GMO’s
  • Animal products

I was so excited when the package of soaps arrived! I was even more excited when I opened the bubble mailer and saw the exquisite packaging. Everything was so carefully wrapped — you can tell that a lot of thought went in to the presentation of the soaps when they arrive at your home. Also included was a hand-written note from Lindy. She said all orders look just like what I received and all orders also include a hand-written note from her. Not only are you getting gorgeous, hand-made soaps, you are getting gorgeous, re-usable packaging! I was SO impressed. Here are the photos of the packaging. Oh, and thanks Lindy, for throwing in the bonus sample of the Anise Bamboo Charcoal soap!

The initial package after I unwrapped it out of its shipping container (w/handwritten note card)


The individual soaps come in their own packaging within the little burlap sack!


Each individual soap when unwrapped from their packaging.


The three soaps, plus the bonus soap Lindy sent! They are so pretty – my pics don’t do them justice!


I have truly enjoyed using these soaps. It took me a few days to finally start using them, because they were just too pretty! But, for the sake of this review, I knew I had to do it! Each bar has a vivid scent profile, but it’s not overwhelming. I love them all, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Each one has a certain purpose and use and I have enjoyed experimenting with them.

Letters of Light – The Gift of Giving

This year, Lindy launched a neat campaign on November 1st, called “Letters of Light – The Gift of Giving”. It is a handwritten/or drawn letter campaign for the women and children of the women shelters across the nation. She is asking people all over the nation to write holiday letters and send them to Poppy Soap Co.’s mail box. They are hoping to hit 100 letters or more! The campaign will run from Nov 1 – Dec 7th (so there’s still time to participate!). They will be putting together two large beautifully packaged organic soap donations along with the letters and choosing two of the letter writers to hand deliver the baskets and letters to their local shelter. Lindy’s goal is to bring awareness to the needs of local women’s shelters during the holiday season and have her customers directly involved with giving back. She is connecting people with their community! Learn more about this campaign here.

Who Wants Some?

Lindy has been so generous with this giveaway! I am SO excited to say that she is giving away not one, not two, but THREE of her Organic Soap Holiday Gift Set (3 soaps in each set) for this giveaway. Each winner will be able to choose their own flavors from Poppy Soap’s Skin Care Collection.

If you just can’t wait, then you can also take advantage of this great coupon from Poppy Soap Co. Christmas is just around the corner and these soaps would me a great gift. If you place an order and use code DELICIOUSO, you will receive $10 off of your order. This coupon code is valid from today through December 13th. You can visit their site here.

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided samples of these products at no charge. I was under no obligation to post a review or giveaway, nor did I receive any monetary compensation for this post. All views and opinions expressed are my own. Read our full terms and conditions here.

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