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Eating healthy takes a lot of work, am I right?

I know that sometimes I even get overwhelmed with the amount of time I need to prep all of my meals. Since I work from home, I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks all at home, so I have to make a concerted effort to ensure that I have enough healthy food prepared at all times.

And even though I have been doing this for years now, I still struggle to do it all. That is where 20 Dishes comes in to save the day.

What is 20 Dishes?

Some of you know about my meal planning site, 20 Dishes.

This site is the brain child of myself and two of my closest friends (and fellow bloggers / wellness educators), Orleatha Smith and Kelly Bejelly.

All of us found that there was a need for something that made meal planning and batch cooking easier.

And not only that, we had a desire to TEACH people how to be more efficient in the kitchen, which not only saves them time, but saves them money too.

You see, the #1 reason people fail on the paleo diet (or real food in general) is because they become overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of time it takes to prep nourishing meals.

All three of us have experienced improved health by making lasting changes to our diet and we want everyone to be able to experience this kind of success.

Together, the idea of 20 Dishes was born and the site now helps people around the world get in and out of the kitchen faster. We help take the overwhelm out of meal prepping and turn our members into full-fledged kitchen ninjas!

20 Dishes: Meal Planning Meets Batch Cooking //

What Do You Get?

20 Dishes is the best of both both worlds — meal planning meets batch cooking. This popular membership site is designed to teach members the skills they need to get in and out of the kitchen FAST.

Unlike many meal planning sites, our goal is to teach our members the fundamental skills they need to prep a week’s worth of dinners in under one hour per week, all while giving them handcrafted menus filled with nourishing, mouth-watering recipes and easy-to-follow step-by-step prep guides for each week’s menu.

With a 20 Dishes membership, you get:

  • A new 7-day dinner meal plan (with sides) for Paleo, AIP, Vegetarian, Gluten-free and Classic diets every week.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your week of meals — all geared towards getting you in and out of the kitchen in under one hour.
  • A pre-populated grocery list that is also customizable for each member’s needs.
  • Bi-monthly live webinars with member Q&A.
  • Access to our video training library.
  • Private support group where you can ask questions, get help, and create life-long friendships with other members.

Our goal is to help more people stay the course on the paleo diet without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen, or just want a simpler way to manage your weekly meal planning, then you must give 20 Dishes a try! Our simple system takes the overwhelm out of real food so that you have more time, energy, health, and money!


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