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How to Stock Your #RealFood / #Paleo Kitchen //

When I started Delicious Obsessions in 2009, I was brand new to the modern real food scene. While I had grown up eating real food, that was a couple decades prior and now I was learning about real food as an adult with my own grocery budget. So, I learned to shop around, read labels, inquire into ethical practices, etc. What an incredible learning experience it was and I am so happy to share what I've learned on this page and on my site.

There are a ton of amazing products on the market, far more than I could ever list on one page. Here are some real food and natural living resources that I would recommend to anyone who is embarking on a journey to eat real food, wants to improve their health, or just wants to learn something new. I only recommend products that I, myself, have tried and believe in. If I don't believe in the product or like it myself, it doesn't make the list. Almost all of these products are things I use in my home regularly, if not daily in some cases.

In an effort for full disclosure, this post does contain affiliate links, meaning if you place an order through one of the links, I will receive a small commission for your sale. This does not affect your cost and all funds earned go to help with the maintenance of this site and its free content. Your support makes it possible for me to reach more people with the message of real food and natural living, so THANK YOU!

This list is continually growing. If there is a brand or a website that you love, feel free to share and I'll check it out! I love getting personal recommendations! Looking for something specific? Use the following links to jump to a specific section on this page:

Natural Foods and Supplies

Real Food Resources


Natural Foods and Supplies

Coconut Products (Oil, Flour, Shreds, Milk)

Over the years, I have become known as a coconut enthusiast. I fell in love with coconut the minute I came back to real food. For so long it was forbidden so when I learned that it actually was healthy, well, the love affair began. For that reason, I have a section dedicated only to coconut products. 🙂


Dairy Products (Milk, Cream, Cheese, Eggs)

One of the best things we can do for our health is focus on consuming dairy from grass-fed and pastured animals (cows, goats, sheep). Raw is awesome if you have access and are in a state where it's not illegal. These resources will help you find them locally and nationally.

  • – It's amazing what you can find on Amazon. I've found grass-fed butter, ghee, and cheeses. Depending on where you live there may be other options via their fresh food delivery services they are rolling out.
  • – Find local, raw dairies where you can get unpasteurized, unhomogenized raw milk. Some dairies will also sell cheese and eggs as well.
  • Colorado Market Guide – Locate farmers markets all around Colorado. Many of which will sell eggs. Some will sell cheeses and milk (these products will be pasteurized due to Colorado law).
  • Local Harvest – Find local markets in your area, many of which will sell eggs and other local goodies. Some will sell cheeses and milk (pasteurization will depend on the law of that state).
  • – Find local markets in your area, many of which will sell eggs and other local goodies. Some will sell cheeses and milk (pasteurization will depend on the law of that state).

Fats and Oils

One of the most impactful things we can do for our health is to switch out the oils we are using. This can go a long way to improving your current health, even if you don't change anything else. If you are new to which oils are healthy and which are not, please read this post about the best real food fats and oils.

  • – I pretty much start at Amazon for almost everything I buy. 90% of the time they have what I need and the prices are lower. When it comes to fats and oils, the cost can really add up so I try to shop around so I can keep the grocery budget in line. I'll share a few of my favorite brands below.
  • KerryGold Butter – My favorite grass-fed butter. I stock up at Costco whenever they run their annual holiday sale. If you can't find it locally and want to buy online, Amazon sells it, though it is pricey to have it shipped.
  • Pure Indian Foods – Grass-fed ghee.
  • Tin-Star Foods – Grass-fed ghee.
  • 4th & Heart – Grass-fed ghee/butter.
  • Kasandrino's – High-quality olive oil. Expensive, but worth the cost.
  • Kirkland's – Olive oil. I know you may be skeptical, but in past 3rd party testing, Kirkland has never been found to cut their olive oil with cheaper rancid oils like so many olive oil brands are doing.
  • Chosen Foods – Avocado oil, high quality, neutral taste. One of my faves. I also like their avocado oil based mayo.

Fermented Food Starters and Cultures / Fermented Food Supplies

Fermented foods are a great addition to your real food diet. Not only do they taste amazing, they are easy to digest and provide beneficial yeasts and bacteria to the digestive tract. When you hear the phrase “all health begins in the gut” it's not a lie! Keeping our guts healthy and happy is important and these resources will help you if you get started on your fermenting journey. For tons of recipes and fermenting info check out my full library here.

Flours, Grains, and Legumes

No matter what dietary style you follow, you will no doubt need flour of some kind at a certain point. Whether you consume wheat and other gluten-containing grains or are strictly gluten/grain free, here are my favorite options and ones that I trust and use in my own home.

  • Anthony's – A wide range of high-quality kitchen staple flours (like coconut flour, cassava, almond, etc.), as well as some really exotic flours.
  • To Your Health Sprouted Flour – They take care of the soaking and sprouting for you. Available in whole grains or ground flours. Lots of gluten free options too.
  • Otto's – Cassava flour that works almost exactly the same way as wheat flour does! I've successfully used it in a 1:1 ratio for many recipes and it's been excellent.
  • Bob's Red Mill – Wide variety of organic and natural flours, both wheat and gluten based, as well as a large line of gluten free flours as well.
  • Organic Gemini – Tigernut flour! My favorite brand and one I keep on hand all the time.
  • Jovial Foods – For those who can tolerate wheat, Jovial sells Einkorn and heirloom wheat which is much better for you than conventional wheat. I strongly encourage everyone to stay away from conventional wheat as the way it is treated during the growth and harvest time is toxic to human health.


Kitchen, Home, and Gardening Supplies

I don't believe that a real food kitchen needs to have the latest gadgets and toys. I try to keep things pretty simple in my home. I've gone through periods where I have had all the latest gadgets, only to find them collecting dust on the back of my shelf a few months later. Now my kitchen only has the tools that I use most frequently and that serve a purpose (or multiple purposes!). For a look at the top 11 real food kitchen items that I recommend every kitchen has, read this post.

For more suggestions, check out my post on 11 Must Have Kitchen Tools For Every Real Food Kitchen here.

Gelatin, Collagen, and Supplements

As a nutritional therapist, I steer clear of suggesting specific supplements to people unless they are a client. When it comes to supplementation there are a lot of things to consider and not every supplement is great for everyone. That said, the list below are supplements that almost everyone can benefit from and ones that I personally use in my own life daily.

  • Perfect Supplements – One of my favorite brands of all time. The folks who run the company are fantastic and their products are top notch. In addition to their gelatin and collagen, I love, love, love their desiccated liver, protein powders, and veggie powders. You can find them on Amazon here. You can also or directly from the Perfect Supplements site here. If you order directly via their site, you can save 10% on your order with coupon code DELICIOUS10.
  • Vital Proteins – Another favorite source for grass-fed gelatin and collagen. You can find them on Amazon here. For more info about gelatin, the health benefits, etc., check out this post.
  • Pure Synergy – Whole food vitamin C powders and capsules (made from a blend of whole foods). I take the capsules daily and use the powder in smoothies, gummies, etc. If you are not familiar with why whole food C is the ideal way to take vitamin C, please listen to our podcast episode here.
  • Prescript Assist – One of the best soil-based probiotics out there. This is one I take regularly and have been for years.
  • Ancient Minerals – My favorite brand of magnesium chloride (mag chloride is MUCH better than epsom salts, which is mag sufate, for raising magnesium levels). This form is ideal for transdermal applications and beneficial for those with impaired digestion who may not be able to absorb nutrients via digestion. Read about transdermal magnesium here and then find my tutorial for homemade magnesium lotion here. For even more info on the benefits of magnesium, check out these posts.
  • Concentrace – A great full spectrum mineral supplement. Great for when you need a little extra or for those using reverse osmosis water (which strips the minerals out).
  • Nordic Naturals – Great quality cod liver and other marine oils. The liquid will save you a lot of money in the long run, but the offer capsules as well.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs – My go-to source for all things herbs. I buy my medicinal herbs from there (the ones I am using for specific health conditions), as well as delicious herbal teas, seasoning blends, and supplies for DIY body care recipes. I use to make and sell herbal products online which gave me the chance to try almost every other brand of bulk herbs out there and none of them could compare to the taste and quality of what I get from Mountain Rose. You can find them via their own site here, or they are also on Amazon here.
  • Gaia Herbs – A great range of organic herbs and herbal blends. If you are looking for a specific blend of herbs then this is a great option if Mountain Rose Herbs doesn't carry what you are looking for.
  • Sovereign Silver – I keep this on hand for immune support and first aid care. It's safe and effective and a trusted leader in the colloidal silver market.


Grass-fed and Pastured Meats

I'm all about supporting your local farmers and ranchers when possible. But, you would also be amazed at how many people do not have access to grass-fed and pastured meats. Food deserts are a very real thing and people in these areas (and others) typically have to turn to the Internet to get access to higher quality foods. When it comes to meats, I do buy locally but I also buy online because there is a greater selection of cuts and meats that I simply cannot get from local sources. Here are the places I order from and trust in regards to both quality AND ethics.

  • Crowd Cow – Think of them as Kickstarter for grass-fed beef. It's a really fun and unique concept that allows you to support ranchers across the country and get access to certain types or cuts of meats you may not be able to find locally. And, their pricing is typically right in line with local sources as well. Check out my video about this company here.
  • Butcher Box – Another great option for grass-fed meats, this company offers subscription boxes for their members. You can receive a new box each month (or on a delivery schedule of your choosing) filled with high-quality meats. It's a really fun way to “set and forget” your meat if you are busy and don't want to be bothered with going to the store all the time. Check out my video about this company here.
  • Tropical Traditions – A wide range of grass-fed and pastured meats, including beef, bison, lamb, and chicken. Sustainably harvested salmon, cod, and halibut. Grass-fed butter and soy-free eggs.
  • Vital Choice – Wide range of safe and sustainably caught salmon, white fish, shell fish, and other sea food. Also see supplements, books, and more!


Safe Home and Body Care Products

I honestly don't use a ton of different products in my home. My beauty routine is pretty simple, but I do try to buy the cleanest products I can in order to keep my toxic load down. Here are some of my favorite products and ones that I use daily (or at least regularly) in my own health, home, and beauty routine. As far as cleaning, I am a big fan of keeping things simple with white vinegar and baking soda, but I tossed a couple of my favorite all-purpose cleaners on here too.

  • Vital Roots Herbal Care – Organic and non-toxic herbal skin care and wellness items and some of the only skin care products I use. All created by clinical herbalist and nutritionist, Lori Roop (who just happens to be one of my best friends). I was using Lori's products before she and I became so close so I can say that I am somewhat unbiased when I rave about their awesomeness. 🙂  Use coupon code DELICIOUS10 to save 10% on your order.
  • Morrocco Method – Natural and organic hair care supplies and henna. Their site has a ton of info on it regarding natural hair care and tutorials. Read my post about henna hair color here and then my henna hair coloring tutorial here. I also have reviewed several of their products in this post here, and this post here, and this post here.
  • vintageTRADITION – Beef tallow body balms, made from grass-fed beef tallow. Read my review here.
  • EveryONE Soaps & Lotions – One word: versatile. We seem to go through a lot of soap and lotion in my home so this brand is one of my favorites for keeping the cost down. They are clean and come in 32oz bottles so it doesn't feel like I am refilling them every other day. We use the soap for everything – bubble baths, body wash, shampoo, and dishwashing. Talk about versatile. If you are interested in making your own lotion at home, check out this non-greasy lotion recipe here or this body butter recipe here.
  • Schmidt's Deodorant – Finding natural deodorants that work can be tough. Schmidt's is one of my favorites. If you prefer to make your own, check out this tutorial here.
  • Maintex Orange Oxy Cleaner – One of my favorite all-purpose cleaners. Cuts through grease without harmful chemicals. And, it's cheaper than some of the other stuff out there.


Essential Oils

I personally feel that there are a number of brands out there that create pure, quality oils. I used to be very brand specific and only recommend a certain one. Over the last few years, I have expanded that research and now feel that no single brand holds the title of “best essential oil”, which is why I am now using a variety of EOs on my own home.

I personally feel that as with any product, we must do our research and find a brand that resonates with us. It doesn't matter what other people are using or promoting. Find a brand that you love to use and that you trust the company producing it.

While there are A LOT of crappy oils out there — just like any other product — there are a lot that are excellent quality. Below are the ones that I personally use and trust. As time moves on and new brands come to market, I will add to this list.

As an aside, I have used and liked both DoTerra and Young Living's essential oils in the past and still have a few bottles in my arsenal. I used to be a Young Living distributor but decided that I was not interested in the business side of things. There seems to be some controversy over Young Living's quality based on independent testing, but I am not well-versed in that enough to share an opinion one way or the other. All I can say is do your research and see what your gut tells you.

Real Food Resources

These are just a few of the books that line my shelves. These books have all had an impact on my way of thinking about food, and whether the impact was small or large, I highly recommend them to everyone!

Print Books (some are available in Kindle format)

For more suggestions, check out my post The Top 10 Real Food and Nutrition Books Everyone Should Read here.

eBooks & eCourses

I have written an extensive collection of real food cookbooks and natural living guides that I want to make sure you don't miss. There's a little something here for everyone. In addition, I'm sharing a couple of my other faves from my collection of eBooks written by friends and collegues.

  • DIY Herbal Coffees eBook: A Complete Guide To Making Delicious Herbal Coffees to Support Healing and Stress Relief – Developed after I closed production of my crazy popular herbal coffee blends, this comprehensive guide teaches you everything you need to know about making your own herbal coffees at home, plus gives you access to all of my proprietary recipes!
  • Real Food 101: Practical Tips for Healthy Eating eBook – Overwhelmed with where to start with real food? This eBook is your comprehensive guide to everything real food. The book features real food wisdom and practical tips for implementing a real food diet no matter what your budget or health goals are.
  • Real Food 101: The Companion Cookbook eBook – This eCookbook is your comprehensive guide to delicious, real food recipes that are easy to prepare and won’t break the bank. Created as a companion to our popular Real Food 101: Practical Tips for Healthy Eating eBook, this cookbook helps support the mission of helping people eat better and live better.
  • 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts eBook – Regardless of whether you are just starting out on the AIP or you’re already into the program, breakfasts are often the hardest meal of the day. This cookbook is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Say goodbye to boring breakfasts and hello to deliciousness every morning!
  • The Paleo AIP Instant Pot® eCookbook – Finally! “Fast” food on the AIP! When we’re on a healing diet, we spend a LOT of time cooking. Anything that saves us time in the kitchen is a lifesaver. This book is one that will save your sanity and your budget.
  • Gluten-Free Snacks – Eating real food doesn’t have to be overwhelming, time-consuming, or boring. As a matter of fact, real food is delicious and snacks are a great way to add variety to your family’s diet. This eCookbook is jam-packed with mouth-watering snacks that are easy to make and that the whole family will love.
  • The Splendid Scoop and Other Frozen Treats: Delicious and Easy Dairy-Free Recipes, Plus Tips and Tricks for Homemade Ice Cream Perfection – Who doesn't love homemade ice cream? Beat the heat, save money, and enjoy healthy frozen treats with The Splendid Scoop! Enjoy dairy-free recipes that the whole family will love. Recipes are also gluten and grain free, and easily modified for the autoimmune protocol.
  • Eat the Rainbow eCourse – Science continues to explore and show how antioxidants and phytonutrients in vegetables and fruits can “talk” directly to our genes and help alter genetic expression (thereby preventing disease and illness). Yet most people do not get nearly enough into their daily diet. I want to help you improve your health and your life with Nature’s miracle “drug”. You will learn a creative and fun approach to health and nutrition with simple ways to incorporate a wider range of healthy produce into your daily diet with this information-packed 30-Day eCourse.
  • The Gelatin Secret – My friend Sylvie has written one of the most comprehensive books on gelatin/collagen. It is beautifully designed and a fantastic resource to have in your library. You can find the eBook version here, but if you prefer a physical book, you can order the hard copy here.
  • Well Rested – When it comes to sleep problems and stress, the ultimate “trigger” to your lack of sleep and insomnia is your MIND. With this comprehensive 83-page digital program you will pinpoint the exact causes of your sleep deprivation and discover proven, tested sleeping strategies that combine 1000-year-old mindfulness techniques and modern science.
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