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How to Stock Your #RealFood / #Paleo Kitchen //

Here are some real food and natural living resources that I would recommend to anyone who is embarking on a journey to eat real food, wants to improve their health, or just wants to learn something new. I only recommend products that I, myself, have tried and believe in. If I don't believe in the product or like it myself, I will not promote it!

DISCLOSURE: This post does contain affiliate links, meaning if you place an order through one of the links, I will receive a small commission for your sale. This does not affect your cost and all funds earned go to help with the maintenance of this site and its free content.

This list is continually growing. If there is a brand or a website that you love, feel free to share and I'll check it out! I love getting personal recommendations!

Looking for something specific? Use the following links to jump to a specific section on this page:

Natural Foods and Supplies

Real Food Resources

Product Reviews


Natural Foods and Supplies

Coconut Products

Tropical Traditions – I love all of their coconut products and regularly purchase coconut oil (both Virgin and Expeller-Pressed), coconut flourshredded coconut, and coconut cream concentrate.

I have tried countless brands of coconut products and I keep coming back to Tropical Traditions, hence the reason that they are the only company I have listed here. Note, if you are a new customer to Tropical Traditions and you place an order through one of my links, you will receive a FREE copy of their Virgin Coconut Oil book, which is a fantastic book!

Barefoot Provisions – They offer a variety of paleo-friendly coconut products for the real food kitchen.

Dairy (Milk, Cream, Cheese, Eggs)

Wise Choice Market – Coconut ice cream that is dairy free and organic. Low glycemic, gluten free, GMO free, soy free, and high in medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). – Find local, raw dairies where you can get unpasteurized, unhomogenized raw milk. Some dairies will also sell cheese and eggs as well.

Colorado Market Guide – Locate farmers markets all around Colorado. Many of which will sell eggs. Some will sell cheeses and milk (these products will be pasteurized due to Colorado law).

Local Harvest – Find a local markets in your area, many of which will sell eggs and other local goodies. Some will sell cheeses and milk (pasteurization will depend on the law of that state). – Find a local markets in your area, many of which will sell eggs and other local goodies. Some will sell cheeses and milk (pasteurization will depend on the law of that state).

Tropical Traditions – They offer a variety of grass-fed butter, as well as soy-free pastured eggs (which is hard to find).

Fats and Oils

Tropical Traditions – I love their grass-fed pastured butter (both the Kalona and Natural by Nature brands). Their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is the highest quality virgin coconut oil on the market. It is made by hand, in the old-fashioned, traditional methods. Independent studies have shown that coconut oil produced in that manner have higher levels of antioxidants than other coconut oils. I also use their Green Label Virgin Coconut Oil and their Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil. For frying and shortening replacement, I recommend their Palm Shortening.

Vitacost – I get quite a bit of my pantry essentials from Vitacost and they have a great selection of organic cooking oils and are often less expensive than other places. If you sign up through this link, you can receive a $10 off coupon and I get one too!

Barefoot Provisions – They offer a variety of paleo-friendly oils for the real food kitchen (coconut oil, ghee, avocado oil, and more).

Pure Indian Foods – Grass-fed ghee. The best tasting ghee you will ever have! Trust me!

Chaffin Family Orchards – High-quality olive oil. One of the mildest olive oils I've tastes. Expensive, but worth the cost.

Fermented Food Starters and Cultures / Fermented Food Supplies

Probiotic Jar – Anaerobic fermenting jars to ensure your ferments turn out perfectly. Fermenting anaerobically is the best way to ensure high-quality, delicious tasting, ferments. It also is the only way to generate the proper gut-healing bacteria that we need in our bodies. Read more about fermenting here.

Wise Choice Market – A wide range of organic fermented foods that can be delivered to your door. Everything from fermented vegetables to fermented vegetable juices to organic garlic flowers (yum!). They also have a wide range of starter cultures, so you can start fermenting at home!

Kombucha Kamp – This is the place to go if you want to start brewing kombucha. They sell everything you need to get started. High-quality products. Get your certified lead-free continuous brewing systemorganically grown kombucha starter cultureskombucha testing suppliesteas and flavors, and much more.

Flours, Grains, and Legumes

Tropical Traditions – I love their coconut flour. They also carry a high-quality brown rice flour. They also sell stone-ground whole wheat bread flourground unbleached wheat bread flour, and Einkorn flour. If you're looking for whole grains, they carry whole grain rolled oats, whole grain spelt, whole grain hulled barley, whole grain hulled millet, whole grain red spring wheat, whole grain spelt, whole grain rye, and organic Einkorn wheat berries. Since I am strictly gluten and grain free, I cannot attest to these products, but I have heard many people say that they are some of the best out there.

Barefoot Provisions – They offer a variety of paleo-friendly flour products. I LOVE their Super Flour. It's great stuff!

To Your Health Sprouted Flour – They take care of the soaking and sprouting for you. Available in whole grains or ground flours. Lots of gluten free options too.

Wise Choice Market – While they don't offer grains or flours, they do sell organic sprouted breads and organic gluten free breads.

Kitchen, Home, and Gardening Supplies

20 Dishes – Need help getting paleo meals on the table? 20 Dishes can help with their tried-and-trusted meal prep system. Learn how to get a week's worth of paleo meals prepped in only 60 minutes.

Blendtec – My favorite kitchen appliance. I'm a huge fan and recommend the BT over the Vitamix. They have excellent prices on their refurbished models (which is what I have), so you save quite a bit of money there.

Juil Earthing Shoes – Connect with the Earth via the unique copper dots on Juil's shoes. I've reviewed their products several times and love them. Read review 1 here and review 2 here.

MightyGrow – Safe and natural solutions for your garden, including fertilizer, trace minerals, and more.

General Grocery Items

Mountain Rose Herbs – Bulk herbs, spices, organic foods, health and beauty products, and more. I buy pretty much all of my herbs, butters, and other supplies for my DIY skin and body care from Mountain Rose Herbs. Their quality is outstanding.

Barefoot Provisions – They offer a variety of paleo-friendly products for the real food home. They have everything from kitchen staples to snacks to treats. Make sure to check their site regularly for new products!

Vital Proteins – My only source for grass-fed gelatin products. Their quality and packaging is far superior to other brands and they are the only type I recommend now.

Wise Choice Market – A wide range of products from organic sprouted breads and gluten-free breads to organic fermented foods to nutrient-dense organic bone broth to salmon caviar (Ikura) to organic soaked cereals and more.

Tropical Traditions – In addition to coconut products and grass-fed / pastured meats, Tropical Traditions also carries many organic food items like oils, sweeteners, baking supplies, condiments, health and beauty products, non-toxic household cleaning supplies, and more. – Many name brands of organic foods, supplements, health and beauty supplies, and more. If you sign up through this link, you can receive a $10 off coupon and I get one too!

Herbs, Spices, Teas, etc.

Mountain Rose Herbs – Bulk organic herbs, spices, teas, oils, and more. This is my go-to source for herbs and herbal teas. I've tried herbs from many other sources and I am constantly amazed at the quality that I receive from MRH and I truly believe that their products are superior. I buy pretty much all of my herbs, butters, and other supplies for my DIY skin and body care from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Barefoot Provisions – They have a nice selection of herbs and spices (especially blends). I highly recommend their products.

Beanilla – High-quality vanilla beans for making your own delicious vanilla extract. They offer more than just vanilla too!

Rishi Organic Teas – Another favorite source for teas. They have a wide variety of green, back, white, and yellow teas, as well as herbal teas, matcha tea powders, tea brewing supplies and more. I highly recommend their products and they are organic and fair trade certified. – Many name brands of organic teas, herbs, spices, and more. If you sign up through this link, you can receive a $10 off coupon and I get one too!

Grass-fed and Pastured Meats and more

Tropical Traditions – A wide range of grass-fed and pastured meats, including beef, bison, lamb, and chicken. Sustainably harvested salmon, cod, and halibut. Grass-fed butter and soy-free eggs.

KOL Foods – Grass-fed and pastured meat products. All Kosher certified. I get my chicken and turkey livers from them since they are so hard to find elsewhere. They also offer a wide range of other products including beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, and salmon.

US Wellness Meats – A wide range of grass-fed and pastured meats and a variety of other products.

Vital Choice – Wide range of safe and sustainably caught salmon, white fish, shell fish, and other sea food. Also see supplements, books, and more!

Seasonal Produce

Colorado Market Guide – Locate farmers markets all around Colorado. Eat local and in season whenever possible.

Local Harvest – Find local markets in your area. Eat local and in season whenever possible. – Find local markets in your area. Eat local and in season whenever possible.

Chaffin Family Orchards – A variety of citrus and stone fruits, as well as whole olives and figs.

Tropical Traditions – Select farm fresh (organic) produce from Wisconsin. Availability is limited, so check often.

Supplements and Health/Body (Vitamins, Minerals, Superfoods, etc.)

Squatty Potty – We absolutely LOVE our Squatty Potty. It has literally changed our lives. Every house should have one (or more) of these.

Big Berkey Water Filtration Systems – We love our Big Berkey system. Their specially designed water filters leave the good stuff (i.e. minerals) and get rid of the bad stuff (i.e. fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, parasites, etc.) Read my review here.

MadeOn Hard Lotion Products – Fantastic hard lotion bars and other non-toxic skin care products. Read my review here.

OraWellness – Natural and Organic solutions for dental health. I love their products!

Perfect Supplements – Natural and organic nutritional supplements. They offer their own private label products, as well as products from other brands.

Radiant Life – Radiant Life carries some of the highest-quality supplements available. Everything from fermented cod liver oilfermented cod liver / butter oil blendhigh-vitamin butter oildesiccated liver capsConcenTrace Ionic Mineralsmagnesium flakes (and other magnesium products), grass-fed beef gelatin, and more.

Morrocco Method – Natural and organic hair care supplies and henna. Their site has a ton of info on it regarding natural hair care and tutorials.

vintageTRADITION – Beef tallow body balms, made from grass-fed beef tallow. Read my review here.

L.c. of Acirema – Organic and non-toxic herbal skin care and wellness items. All created by a professional herbalist. Read my review here. Use coupon code LUCKYDO5 to save 5% on your first order.

Essential Oils

I personally feel that there are a number of brands out there that create pure, quality oils. I used to be very brand specific and only recommend a certain one. Over the last year, I have expanded that research and now feel that no single brand holds the title of “best essential oil”, which is why I am now using a variety of EOs on my own home.

I personally feel that as with any product, we must do our research and find a brand that resonates with us. It doesn't matter what other people are using or promoting. Find a brand that you love to use and that you trust the company producing it.

While there are A LOT of crappy oils out there — just like any other product — there are a lot that are excellent quality. Below are the ones that I personally use and trust. As time moves on and new brands come to market, I will add to this list.

As an aside, I have used and liked both DoTerra and Young Living's essential oils in the past and still have a few bottles in my arsenal. I used to be a Young Living distributor but decided that I was not interested in the business side of things. There seems to be some controversy over Young Living's quality based on independent testing, but I am not well-versed in that enough to share an opinion one way or the other.

All I can say is do your research and see what your gut tells you.

Reviews of Products I Use and Love

I do not recommend products on my site or to family and friends without first having tried them. I have a very high standard in regards to products that I choose to promote. All of the products below are items that I have reviewed on this site and recommend to family and friends.

Real Food Resources (Books, Websites, Videos, etc.)


These are just a few of the books that line my shelves. These books have all had an impact on my way of thinking about food, and whether the impact was small or large, I highly recommend them to everyone!

Books / eBooks


Thank you Food, Inc., for paving the way for the food-based documentary. These are all fantastic documentaries that should be viewed by anyone who is conscientious of their health and wellness. It seems like every time I turn around, I discover a new documentary, so this list is continuously growing! There are a few in here that are not food-related, but are still awesome documentaries.


The Weston A. Price Foundation – Information on real and traditional foods diets, as well as nutritional information for various health issues, pregnancy, local resources and more.

Mercola Optimal Wellness Center – Great source of health articles, optimal wellness products, and free natural health newsletter of top medical news.

Nourished Living Network – A team of fantastic bloggers (of which I am honored to be a part of), writing about a wide range of topics from real food to nutrition to natural parenting to alternative eating styles and much more!

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