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Find Food and Body Freedom with this FREE 7-Day eCourse! //

Hello beautiful friend!

I am beyond thrilled to have you here because it means you are ready for a change! To me, there is nothing more exciting than a woman who is tired of giving up her power to the scale and the fridge and ready to reclaim that power…and her life.

Because of my passion for helping women transform their relationships to food and body, I created a 7-day online eCourse all about finding the peace and freedom you have been searching for.

You can expect to see the following things covered in this eCourse:

  • Why reclaiming our power around food is critical to our long-term health, both physically and mentally.
  • Why we must let go of the diet mentality in order to cultivate peace and freedom around food.
  • Why you have not failed the many diets you may have tried, but why the diets have failed you!
  • How to cultivate body wisdom and intuition (a key to healing all areas of our mind, body, and soul).
  • How we can embrace health at every size and why weight is a poor indicator of health.
  • How we can finally figure out which foods work for our bodies (and which do not).
  • How to start practicing intuitive eating (a way to truly honor and respect your body and nutritional needs).
  • How to land in a place of body neutrality, rather than the pressure of always having to love your body.

What you desire IS truly possible for you if you are ready, open, and willing. It is time to say goodbye to the years of control, compulsive behaviors, limiting beliefs, scarcity of joy, and actions driven from a place of fear and feelings of unworthiness, once and for all.

About the Food & Body Freedom eCourse

During this 7-day eCourse, you will receive one email per day with information about transforming your relationship with food and body. You’ll also receive tips an Action Step so that you can begin implementing what you’ve learned that day into your own life. It is strongly encouraged that you have a journal or a Word doc on your computer or phone where you can jot down notes and thoughts as you go through this course.

As soon as you sign up through the form below, you will receive a welcome email with more details. After that, you will begin receiving the eCourse over the next 7 days. I can’t wait for you to dive in, and I can’t wait to hear about how the eCourse shifts your relationship to food and body.

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