Thrifty Food Plan Experience by Millie Copper {Guest Post}

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Budgets are tight for most of us and I think everyone could use a little help when it comes to eating real food and keeping the costs down. In this eBook, “Thrifty Food Plan Experience“, Millie Copper shows us how we can save money and still eat a nutritious real food diet. It has lots of tips and ideas, plus a 2 week menu planner and over 40 recipes! Just another one of the great books included in the Extreme Health Library bundle! Learn more about this great resource below.

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Have you heard about the benefits of a real, whole or traditional foods diet but haven’t moved forward due to concerns about cost? Do you have a strict food budget that you need to stick with? Did you know that the USDA offers guidelines on the budget amounts of food prepared at home?

Thrifty Food Plan Experience is an in-depth look at how a family of five followed the USDA Thrifty monetary guidelines (the lowest recommended budgeted amount) while enjoying a Weston A. Price Foundation style of eating. This ebook contains 67 pages of thoughts, tips, and ideas plus a two week menu plan, over 40 recipes, links, a shopping list and much more.

If you have ever thought about following a real/whole/traditional foods style of eating but have been concerned about the cost, this book is for you! Dr. Weston A. Price discovered that nutrient-dense whole foods led to improved health. With a little ingenuity and smart use of our food dollars we can be on the road to excellent health in today’s world.

Thrifty Food Plan Experience is a how-to for applying the Weston A. Price Foundation Dietary Guidelines without breaking your budget. The two week menu plan and shopping list will give you a solid foundation for preparing nutrient-dense meals the entire family will love.



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