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(this is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote on my other site, JessicaEspinoza.com. You can read the full post here)

Recently, one of my mentors, Alyssa Nobriga, posted a really funny quote on social media and I laughed and appreciated it at the same time. It said:

“I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that bitch up myself.”

Pardon the language for those who are easily offended, but I found this to be SO true and it inspired me to reflect some more and write this blog post. I’ll share the original image at the bottom of this post.

So often in our lives, we sit around waiting for another human to provide us with the solution to our challenges. This puts us in a victim mentality because it removes the power from our hands and places it in someone else’s.

It also causes us to put our lives on hold because we don’t have “the right answer”. Trust me when I say, life is short. You know that I firmly embrace this fact based on my own personal loss this year. None of us should be putting our lives on hold for anything or anyone because we never know when our time may be up.

In reality, 99% of the time, we already have the answers inside of us. Our intuition is there to guide us, though many of us feel cut off from that source of power and wisdom. If you are a spiritual person, then you may find this intuition is tightly connected to your higher power. That’s why I specified that we often sit around waiting for another human to provide us the answer. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and asking for guidance in my life from a higher power.

Now, sometimes we do need some extra support from a human. Sometimes we need to reach out to other for advice and guidance. Sometimes we don’t know how to move forward unless we get some outside input. And that is totally fine.

You can finish reading this blog post over on my other site, JessicaEspinoza.com here. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on it all! Leave a comment below. 🙂

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