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I am SUPER excited today because it marks the launch of my brand new Eat the Rainbow eCourse!

One thing I’ve struggled with (and I know SO many others who have as well), is eating enough veggies every day. We all know that vegetables are a cornerstone of our nutrition, but how on earth are we supposed to eat enough?

The USDA’s recommendations are 3-4 cups per day on average and most people fall well below that amount. Right now, I am shooting for about 6 cups of veggies per day, but at one point, my practitioner was recommending 9 cups per day. Yeowza, that is A LOT of veggies!

I knew I had to do something to help increase my veggie intake, so I came up with new tricks and ideas for getting more into my diet without having to eat a big salad with every meal. This eCourse was born out of my own experience, and I know it will help countless people meet their veggie goals too.

Introducing: Eat the Rainbow, a 30-Day Nutrition eCourse

In the Eat the Rainbow eCourse, you will learn a creative and fun approach to health and nutrition. If there is one thing that all dietary styles can agree on, it’s that eating more fruits and veggies is never a bad thing. Learn simple ways to incorporate a wider range of healthy produce into your daily diet with this fun, 30-Day eCourse.

This eCourse is perfect for all eaters — no matter what dietary style you follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re paleo, traditional foods, vegan, vegetarian, keto, or whatever other form of a diet you may be following, vegetables (and some fruits when tolerated) should make up a large chunk of our diet and our health can improve dramatically just from this one thing.

Ready to learn more about what this 30 Day eCourse includes? Visit this page to find out all the details!

I can’t wait to hear how increasing your veggie intake helps improve your health!!

To YOUR health, with love,

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