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A Soothing Decongestant for the Cold and Flu Season

As a mama to four littles, confidence is one of the hardest things to find when choosing natural remedies for illness. If you’re like me, it’s been ingrained in your head that OTC meds are the best and safest option…but deep down, I know this isn’t always true. Today, I’m sharing our DIY Vapor Chest Rub recipe to help soothe you or your littles when you’re down and out with the cold or flu.

My old medicine cabinet contained a well-loved jar of a commonly known VapoRub that smelled of soothing menthol. The scent alone would make me instantly feel better! What I don’t love is rubbing synthetic menthol, petroleum, and turpentine oil on my skin. But having a well-stocked medicine cabinet with alternative natural remedies for a wide variety of ailments helps build my confidence when the sickies come calling.

Today’s recipe is a DIY Vapor Chest Rub that will help open up nasal passageways and give your body a good healthy dose of bacteria fighting essential oils. I’ve included recipe alterations for babies and children under five as well, so rest easy mama…this is one remedy you can be confident in!

To Use

At first signs of illness, rub on chest, neck, back and bottoms of feet. The antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of the essential oils will get right to work and the vapors will help act as a decongestant. (It’s my suggestion to wear socks if applying this on the bottoms of your feet…unless you like greasy footprints all over the house and on your bed sheets!)

Coupons and Freebies for DIY Vapor Chest Rub Ingredients

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I get asked all the time about what essential oils I use. For more information about the essential oils, I use for myself and my family, click here or on the image below.


DIY Vapor Chest Rub Vertical Tea and Essential Oils

Additional Cold & Flu Remedies

Some of our favorite go-to remedies when the sickies hit our house:

  • Bone BrothThis “doctor in a cup” not only helps fight colds and flu, but it inhibits infection, reduces inflammation, increases mineral absorption, promotes strong bones and reduces joint pain. Not only that but it could improve the health of your hair and nails as well!
  • Probiotics – We typically like to get our probiotics from fermented foods such as kombucha, milk kefir or kimchi, but when our bodies are under attack from the cold and flu, taking a probiotic supplement can really speed up the recovery time.
  • Get Plenty of Rest – The importance of rest goes beyond simply healing from the cold and flu, sleep is something we all should strive to improve. If not the amount we get, at least the quality of it! Here are 8 ways to promote better sleep.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! – Staying hydrated while sick is crucial as our bodies work overtime to get rid of the bacteria or virus. Sipping on this “Better Than Water” health tonic is a great solution while we’re feeling crummy.

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