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One thing that I have discovered during my healing journey is that it is rare that you will find one single practitioner who can work with you in every area that you might need help in. That is why I personally have what I consider my “health team,” where I work with a variety of practitioners who are specialized in the different areas that I need help in.

I have also found that there are times when we outgrow our current practitioners and need to move on to someone new. I think that each practitioner is gifted in a certain area and come into our lives at specific times when we need support in that area. But often, as we grow and heal, we may have new things come up that we need new help with.

I’ve worked with many practitioners over the years and each one of them has given me certain tools and insight that I needed at that specific time. Working with your practitioner is no different than other relationships in your life. Sometimes the relationship runs its course and needs to end. That’s just the way life is!

If you’ve been struggling to find a practitioner who “gets it all,” don’t fret! It’s rare to find one. So, consider branching out and working with multiple practitioners who are specialized in the areas that you need help with. Your road to healing my speed up once you branch out! I know mine has!

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