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If you don’t love the journey, you won’t love the destination.

This realization came about while chatting with my coach on the phone recently. And what’s ironic is that I then heard that same message discussed on a podcast that I listened to the next day.

Funny how you start to notice things when you begin to pay attention, eh? 😉

For a large chunk of my adult life, I have found myself so focused on the destination that I have completely missed out on the journey. When I do reach that place, it doesn’t feel as satisfying or rewarding as it should.

I have said in a previous blog post that I woke up one day and felt like I had missed out on a large chunk of my life. I remember specifically the date that I woke up and the very first words into my mind and out of my mouth were “OK, I surrender”.

It is a day and a feeling that I will never forget. I was sick of not participating in my life and at that moment, I knew something had to change. It is the moment that literally changed my direction in life forever and I cannot be more excited about the transformation that has unfolded since then.

I live in a world full of busy-ness. I run to and from meetings, calls, appointments, and projects all day long, often with very little attention to the present moment, how I feel, what I’ve accomplished, and whether I am staying true to my purpose. I have lost sight of where I am because I am too fixated on where I want to be.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even know I was doing this until I started becoming more mindful of my daily actions and emotions. And I am not alone. I am certain those reading this can relate.

We are not trained to be mindful of our actions, to take time to reflect, and pay attention to our own needs each day.

Remember when we were kids and the sky was the limit? The whole world was our oyster? We could do anything, we could be anything. We didn’t have time constraints, we didn’t have our creativity questioned, we did things because we loved to do them. Well, most of the time. Unless it came to eating beets or okra. 😉

As we grew older, things changed for most of us. For many of us, our creativity was squashed, our thirst for fun and new activities and knowledge was lost. And we no longer felt that we had time to enjoy the peace that comes with reflection and curiosity about the world and ourselves.

Society trains us to grow up fast, join the rat race, race to retirement, and then rest. We become so busy doing the things that we think we are supposed to do that our most important relationship falls by the wayside and starts to wither… the relationship with ourselves and this amazing journey we call life.

But what about all those years in between 18 and 65?

Are they all a blur? When you look back, will you feel as though you have lived your most vibrant life? That you have been a participant in your journey, not just a passenger in the back seat or a hamster on a wheel?

When I look back, I want to know with certainty that I showed up and was present every day from here on out. While I do have dreams, goals, and aspirations, I want to always remember that I am on a journey and every day unfolds something new to teach me to live better, love better, and serve better. And I would love to help you on your journey.

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