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{Note from Jessica: Today’s post is shared by my sweet friend, Raia, author of Raia’s Recipes. Raia is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom of five crazy kids. After the birth of her third child, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. This discovery turned her bread and pasta-filled life upside down and set her on a mission to find out what healthy meant for her family. Aspiring to encourage other moms, she started her blog filled with simple, easy, healthy dishes. Stop by Raia’s Recipes to get plenty of real food, gluten-free recipes and much more!}

Eating gluten-free this holiday season? There’s no need to sacrifice dishes to fit your heath needs! This round-up of delicious dishes gives you everything you need to have the Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast!

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comThanksgiving has been my favorite holiday since childhood. Not because I loved stories of Pilgrims or Native Americans (though I’ve always been a history nerd). I liked all the food. Turkey, pie, rolls, mashed potatoes, and the more sides the better!

When I went gluten-free in 2011, I thought I was giving up all things holiday food-ish. But thankfully I was wrong! As this round-up proves, there’s no shortage of delicious gluten-free foods to be had for Thanksgiving.

So go ahead, dig in! And give thanks…
The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comAppetizers are the first round of goodness at any Thanksgiving get together. It’s always a struggle to make sure I don’t fill up on them! (All of these delicious appetizers are grain-free!)

Warm Brie with Cranberries and Walnuts (pictured)The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comOne of my first Thanksgiving memories is hovering over the freshly roasted turkey, fighting with my cousin over who would get the skin, only to have my uncle swoop in and steal it while we were arguing. These delicious main dishes are worth arguing over. (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Turkey Brine *The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comNo Thanksgiving feast is complete without side dishes galore! Don’t get overwhelmed by the quantity folks, there’s something here for everyone to be thankful for. 

Sauces & Chutneys (All of these are grain-free.)

Roasted Cranberry Sauce (pictured)The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comSoups (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Vegan Butternut Squash Soup with Cashew Cream *The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comSalads & Dressings (All of these are grain-free.)

Tangy Green Bean Salad with Toasted WalnutsThe Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comBreads (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Grain Dishes

Quinoa Stuffed Roasted Acorn SquashThe Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comStuffings (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Traditional Stuffing with Parsley, Sage & ThymeThe Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comMashes & Hashes (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Sweet Potato and Apple Puree with Streusel ToppingThe Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comRoasted Fruits & Veggies (All of these are grain-free.)

Turmeric Roasted PotatoesThe Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comBakes & Casseroles (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Twice Baked, Vegan Garlic Mashed Paleo ‘Potatoes’ *The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comMake sure you leave some room for decadent gluten-free desserts! I confess, I’ve eaten them first once or twice to make sure I had room. Don’t judge, I’m sure you’ve thought about it, too!

Pies & Crusts (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Vegan Pumpkin Pie *The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comCakes (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Sweet Potato Cake with Chocolate Pudding FrostingThe Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comCookies & Bars (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Triple Ginger Cookies *The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comSweet Breads (* Denotes that the recipe is also grain-free.)

Vegan Pumpkin BreadThe Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comCandies & Misc. (All of these are grain-free.)

Walnut RocaThe Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast // deliciousobsessions.comThe perfect way to wind down after a delicious Thanksgiving Feast is with warm and tasty homemade drinks. (All of these are grain-free.)

Other Deliciousness

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