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{UPDATE FROM JESSICA, June 2023 – Over the last couple of years, my stance on yoga has changed and I no longer practice it or recommend it on my site or to my clients. You can read about my decision to stop practicing yoga here. Best wishes on your personal healing journey. <3}

I love yoga and today, I want to talk about how yoga can help you heal your body.

Those of you who have followed this blog for some time know that it is one of my favorite forms of gentle exercise.

Yoga can fit into our lives in many different ways.

For some, it is a spiritual journey. I don’t personally participate in the spiritual aspects of yoga, nor are those are not required in order to make yoga a beneficial practice.

For my mom, who has been teaching yoga for over 13 years (and practicing for 15), it helped her heal after a very serious skiing accident — ALL without surgery!

For myself, yoga is a journey to help me become in-tune with my body and cultivate body awareness. It helps me maintain flexibility as I age, helps protect my spine and muscles, and helps me clear all the noise out of my head so I can simply focus on breathing.

The Importance of Body Awareness

So many people, in today’s rushed, hectic world, have zero body awareness. Even the phrase “body awareness” is foreign to most.

“Body awareness” is defined as:

“…understanding where our bodies are in space, and where and how we move. It involves a combination of the vestibular, tactile, and proprioceptive sensory systems.” Source.

Simply put, it means understanding where your body is at this moment and paying attention to cues that something could be amiss.

I’ll never forget the story I heard many years ago about a woman who was practicing yoga and caught cancer in her body well before any doctor diagnosed her. She was in tune with her body’s systems, which allowed her to clearly see when something felt “off”.

Body awareness quite literally saved her life. And it could save yours as well.

The Importance of Mindful Movement When Healing

Yoga For Healing Chronic Illness // deliciousobsessions.com

You guys have heard me talk about mindful movement when healing many times before.

Most of us, especially women, are suffering from adrenal insufficiency, sluggish thyroids, blood sugar dysregulation, fatigue, etc. It is so prevalent in today’s world that I have a large library of articles on all of these topics here.

While it may be tempting to exercise harder so you can lose weight, feel better, have more energy, etc., that hard exercise is causing far more harm than good.

That’s why so many practitioners are now telling people to put down the barbells and open up a yoga mat.

Yoga is one of the best forms of mindful movement (gentle forms of yoga, not vigorous styles like Bikram). It provides cardiovascular and strength-building benefits without overly taxing the adrenals and thyroid.

In addition, regular yoga practice can help you breathe and sleep better. Some people may also find that they are more clear-headed, more energized, calmer, more optimistic, and yes, more in tune with their bodies.

Breath alone is a very powerful cleansing and healing tool. Many diseases can be linked to oxygen deficiency in the body, which is why oxygen therapy can be so beneficial in some cases of chronic illness. Yoga can help provide some of those same benefits by helping you learn how to breathe properly.

I really could go on and on about the benefits of yoga, but I won’t since I have written about yoga extensively on this site. You can read those posts below:

Meet Tera Bucasas

tera-bucasasRecently, a fellow blogger introduced me to her new program, Yoga for Healing. Tera Bucasas is the creator of this program and her desire is to help people suffering from any form of illness heal their bodies in a mindful, gentle way. I loved learning more about Tera and her personal journey.

Tera started yoga in an effort to relieve constant stress, challenge herself to be present and to confront the incessant mind chatter. (Sound familiar?)

She proceeded to go through her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in power vinyasa during a period in life when she was extremely physically fit, and yoga soon became another physical challenge she was eager to take on. Handstands, advanced postures, dozens of chaturangas, and Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights).

Then things changed…The hormonal imbalances she had been trying to heal became even more heightened and her health took a sharp turn. Every day was filled with deep fatigue, debilitating depression and physical pains.

For Tera, life changed in what seemed like overnight.

Unable to do the yoga she was accustomed to, especially as an instructor, brought on feelings of shame. Then she decided to shift her focus and sought out gentle classes, but they were so hard to find! When she did find them it seemed they were all geared toward the older generation. It seemed there was yoga for older people (gentle) and yoga for young people (power)…something was missing.

Tera dove deep into the exploration of yoga beyond vinyasa taking classes all over the country from dozens of new teachers to create Yoga for Healing and now she can’t wait to share it with you!

Both Tera and I know that the road to recovery can feel lonely, but you are not alone. Let’s take another step toward healing together.

Yoga for Healing


Yoga for Healing is a holistic practice that addresses the mind, body and the soul. It allows our bodies to build strength gently while working to heal our nervous system and mental space.

In short…with Yoga for Healing you will:

  • build strength
  • enhance joint movement
  • gain flexibility
  • relax
  • and, learn to modify and take things at your pace

Before I ever recommend any program, product, or service on this blog, I always, ALWAYS test them out first. That is my commitment to my readers that I started from day 1 of this site.

Tera sent was kind enough to give me access to her course and to be quite honest, I was blown away. The quality of the videos, instructional guides, and hand-outs far exceeded my expectations and I was excited to work with her as one of my trusted affiliate partners.

I really think that her program will be helpful to so many people who are struggling to heal their bodies and learn to be more present and in the now. It is perfect for you if:

  • You want to explore a more gentle style of yoga
  • You are recovering from an illness
  • You would love to have a down to earth yoga instructor that doesn’t take herself too seriously (I can be pretty silly!)
  • You are ready to take this next step toward your health and happiness

I personally am enjoying working my way through her videos. Not only am I getting new fuel for my yoga practice, I am gaining a new perspective about wellness and being kind and gentle with myself, even when my body does not respond the way I think it should.

Yoga for Healing Package

Tera launched her new program on September 1st, which, ironically, coincides with the start of National Yoga Month. This program is so great for anyone who is dealing with chronic illness.

Included in the Yoga for Healing Package is:

7 Unique Videos: Each one has a different physical focus, exploration of a deeper aspect to healing and an intention setting introduction video.

A 25-Page Workbook (in PDF format), to guide you through practice on and off the mat, that includes:

  • Posture List and Modification Videos: Safety is very important to Tera! You have access to modification videos for various postures, and posture lists for all 7 practices that describes modifications and contraindications.
  • Focus Sheet: Each yoga practice has a focus sheet that outlines our physical and deeper focus, as well as the abundant benefits the practice will bring you.
  • Journal: Taking our yoga off our mat into everyday life is an important part of practice and journaling is a great tool for doing this.


If you’re ready to learn more, just click on the image above, or click here.

To YOUR Health and Wellness,



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