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When it comes to staying well, we must build our immune system continually. Cold and flu prevention is not just a once a year thing, it should be a life-long goal. The stronger our immune systems, the less we will get sick.

While fall and winter seem to be the seasons that we worry the most about, the cold and/or flu can hit no matter the season. I know people who have come down with the flu or a nasty cold in the middle of the summer.

Everywhere you look, you see flu shots, cold medicine, antibacterial soaps, and sanitizers being marketed to everyone who visits a grocery store or drugstore.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a flu shot to protect yourself from the flu. Nor do you need to buy those gross, toxin-laden antibacterial soaps and sanitizers to protect yourself from germs.

While there is always a place for a trip to the doctor, many times natural remedies can be just as effective (if not more), as well as MUCH safer than prescription drugs. The Natural Cold & Flu Medicine Cabinet is my top 10 favorite items to help keep myself and my family well, year round.

This is the 2nd edition of my popular ebook and features newly updated information on some of my favorite natural remedies.

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