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So, I wasn’t planning on blogging about my amalgam (metal filling) removal, but due to an overwhelming number of requests from my readers, I decided to put together a video about my personal experience with preparing for the removal.

I have had SO many amalgam fillings removed unsafely over the years. It was before I knew anything about the dangers of amalgams and how they should be removed properly (and most dentists have no clue either).

All of mine are from when I was a kid. Some are at least 25 years old. The dentist is concerned not only about the mercury, but the fact that the fillings are causing some cracking in my teeth.

If these fillings are not removed and the teeth fixed, I will have to face losing those teeth to a root canal (which I would never do and my dentist also does not do) or having them extracted. That is actually part of the reason why I decided I need to go ahead and get going on this. I don’t want to face losing 3 teeth.

I have three amalgams left and am looking forward to getting them out. It is one of the most important things I wanted to do before we started trying to conceive, so I want to get them removed and allow my body plenty of time to move the mercury out.

I should note that I am not having any of the classic symptoms of mercury poisoning or elevated levels. As a matter of fact mercury is not showing up on my HTMA tests, but that does not mean that it is not present in my body and causing problems. It just means it is stored away and not being actively chelated from the body. Anything we can do to rid ourselves of heavy metals, the better our health will be even if we are not experiencing any symptoms currently.

I am also wondering if the unsafe removal of about 6 amalgams many years ago was a main trigger for my autoimmune disease. I’ll never know for sure, but I suspect it did play a role. I will be testing for heavy metals via HTMA over the next few months and will be interested to see how my tests come back and what the trends are in my body.

The video below is a little long, but I share lots of good information about what I’ve been doing to prepare, as well as some info to help you get started if you’re considering removing your amalgam fillings.

I will also do a follow-up video (or two) on how the procedure goes and how I am responding to the removal, so make sure you follow me on YouTube so you never miss a new video.

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Have you had your amalgams removed? Are you considering it? How has your experience been? Leave me a comment below! 

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