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Vitamin K2: The Most Important Nutrient You Never Heard Of

Vitamin K is needed for Vitamin D to work properly. Vitamin D affects bones, teeth, the immune system, hormones and much more, and whenever D is working with calcium, it needs K to work.

Specifically Vitamin K2!

K2 helps D place calcium correctly in the body. K2 also helps govern cell growth, helping control or prevent cancer. If you take Vitamin D without K2, you’ll create a demand for more K2 and create or worsen a K2 deficiency.

“K Karries Kalcium”

K Karries Kalcium to the many places calcium needs to go. Without K2, we lose control of where calcium precipitates out of the blood. Where it lands, it stands, as it were…

Without the D/K2 combo, calcium won’t get delivered into bones, muscles and nerves. If calcium instead ends up in joints it can cause arthritis and bone spurs; in the arteries it can contribute to plaque and hardening of the arteries; or in organs or tissues it can form stones and other calcium deposits.

Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is often the result of stiff or narrowed arteries where calcium has “lined the pipes” like it does for those of us with hard water.

The heart raises blood pressure to move blood through narrow arteries. Calcium can also clog up heart valves and capillaries just as it does my water pipes and faucets. K2 can remove calcium from the wrong place as well as getting it into the right place. 

Fat Soluble Vitamins Rule!

There are 5 fat soluble vitamins:  A, D, E, F (the Fatty Acids) and K. They all have more than one form and all except Vitamin E are sourced primarily from animal products – one of the main reasons I consider the Paleo Diet to be the correct Diet for Human Beings (see my DVD to learn this diet easily).

D2 is the synthetic form often prescribed for osteoporosis. High doses of D2 are given because it has to be converted in the body to D3 to work. While D3 is affordable and widely available, doctors assume (perhaps correctly) that you won’t take D unless they prescribe it, and they can’t prescribe D3 as it is the natural form…. Crazy, right?

I ask my clients of all ages to take D forever and to test it annually to keep the dose correct. D and the other fat soluble vitamins store up in our body and can be taken daily or weekly.

The exception is Vitamin K2 which we do NOT store and need daily.

Cod liver oil has A and D, but not K2

If you take Cod Liver Oil, you must also supplement K2 or calculate your daily food intake. Read more about food sources of K2 in pastured egg yolk, raw milk and ghee, high vitamin pastured butter, and certain fermented foods and cheese in my article here or on Dr. Mercola’s site here.   Consuming a really correct Paleo Diet provides more K2 than any other diet I know but we can still be deficient in it.

K1 (for use in blood clotting) is abundant in green leafy and other vegetables.

K2 builds children’s cheekbones and jaws

K2 helps calcium grow broad sturdy cheekbones with an upper and lower jaw wide enough to hold all 32 teeth. As Weston Price proved in the 1930’s, narrow faces and a crowded mouth occur when we don’t get enough fat soluble vitamins and calcium to grow and hold up our heavy cheekbones. I am passionate on this topic as I believe (after 40 years of searching) that my narrow face and v-shaped chin may be the cause of lifelong problems with my brain, adrenals, immune and nervous systems.

I am a year and a half in on a 5 year project to move my lower jaw forward and widen my palate from a V-shape into a U-shape. You can accomplish this in children by getting them on all the fat soluble vitamins and a little help from a comfortable mouthpiece to encourage the shape of the face. Ask your children’s orthodontist or dentist for a Myobrace or other children’s facial program. You might luck out and grow and a George Clooney jaw and winning smile!

Here’s one of my Primal Diet – Modern Health podcasts on facial structure, TMJ and health.

Start taking A, D and K while pregnant and throughout nursing. Then start the child on high vitamin foods and/or supplements, either with Rosita Cod Liver Oil WITH Corganic’s high-vitamin butter oil for a little K, or our Vitamin D3 Complete (A, D and K2 in one tiny gelcap). I carry this online and in my clinic.

Osteoporosis too

While many doctors prescribe Boniva or Fosamax or common drugstore brands of calcium and D, they may know nothing about Vitamin K2 and its role in bones.

Bisphosphonate drugs such as Boniva prevent the body from dissolving and re-absorbing old dead bone. This makes a new bone scan look better, but the bone is actually more brittle as it contains dead bone as a filler.

The better option is taking Vitamins K2 and D3 along with exercise and absorbable forms of calcium such as citrates, MCH, or the real Coral calcium from Premier Research Labs. A saliva test for accurate levels of bio-identical Progesterone and Estradiol is essential as well. I prefer saliva testing to blood testing for cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Check my website index for more on saliva testing….

For more on K2…

A great book on this topic is “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox:  How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life”. It’s available on Amazon.

My article and podcast on Vitamin K2, heart disease and osteoporosis is here.

Check out my online store for the types of supplements I recommend.

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