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{Please welcome my good friend Lydia to the site today! Lydia is a Nutritional Therapist and the author of the Divine Health from the Inside Out site. If you’ve followed my site for any amount of time, you know that Lydia is not only a close friend, but she is also my NTP and has been helping me make great progress on my healing journey. She is an INCREDIBLE woman who really knows her stuff when it comes to health, especially the role minerals play in our bodies. Please give her a warm welcome to the site and stop by Divine Health and say hello!.}


by Lydia Shatney
Divine Health from the Inside Out

Are you on a journey to regain your health, namely you want to recover from adrenal fatigue or improve your thyroid condition?

Perhaps you’ve never felt truly healthy your entire life and have been working hard to get some overall vitality, but you are not making much head way on your own?

Are you discouraged because no matter how much effort you put forth towards your health you still have little to no energy and annoying health symptoms that won’t go away?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this post is for you.

Perhaps you’ve made some radical changes by improving your diet. You eat real food, you even went Paleo or are on a special gut healing diet plan and generally speaking it has helped some. However, you don’t feel as good as you like even though it has been 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years.

Of course improving your diet is always a good idea. And usually it will increase your energy to some degree, however just improving your diet alone will NOT give you long lasting increases in energy and improved health.

Why is this the case?

Diet alone is too broad, and random, of an approach to improve deeply imbalanced mineral patterns in the body. No diet will consistently give the body the exact minerals it needs to get out of a biochemical rut. Only a specific nutritional mineral balancing program can do that.

One thing that most of us do not understand is how our bodies work at the cellular level. And, let’s be honest, we may not have time to study our own anatomy and physiology and usually we are not taught more about it by our parents or in school. The truth is though, it’s so key to know what’s going on inside our bodies and today more than ever.

The role of minerals in our body are profoundly important if we are seeking optimal health. It is the relationship between the minerals in your body that determine how much energy and vitality you will have. The fact of the matter is, that today more than ever before, there are far too many factors that deplete these life giving vital minerals from our bodies. Many of us were likely born in a depleted and imbalanced state.

So, how do we find out what our own unique mineral balance is?

Before I share the how, let me briefly share more about how your body produces energy. I know that many of you reading here are likely suffering from adrenal fatigue or a thyroid condition. Those two glands alone are in charge of the majority of a person’s vitality and health.

The adrenal glands, are broken into two parts; the cortex, which acts as our normal fuel regulator and the medulla, that acts as our emergency fuel regulator.

The thyroid gland is like the spark plug that ignites the fuel provided by the adrenal glands.

So, our adrenal glands are responsible to fuel the engine (our thyroid) which then provides us with energy, both physical and mental energy, as well as sexual vitality.

Why this matters immensely is because mineral imbalances greatly affect the function of our thyroid and adrenal glands. Our body needs just the right balance of certain minerals to produce the maximum amount of energy.

If any one of your key macro minerals ends up out of balance from normal range, you will experience health problems. It’s quite simple.

Now, back to the HOW do you determine whether your body has the right balance of minerals….

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a test that measures the mineral content of your hair. Essentially, it’s a hair tissue biopsy. This tissue sample reveals the mineral content of the body. You can determine whether a mineral deficiency or excess exists in the body through a sample of the hair tissue. Mineral imbalances lead to many metabolic dysfunctions, usually before full symptoms are manifest.

Some conditions that may arise by a mineral imbalance are:

  • depression
  • hypoglycemia
  • hyperactivity
  • headaches
  • hypertension
  • arthritis
  • hair loss
  • anemia
  • thyroid disturbance
  • prostate disorders
  • digestive disturbances
  • diabetes
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • cardiovascular disease
  • skin rashes
  • emotional problems
  • allergies
  • and more

In this video, Jessica discusses some of her experiences with HTMA and she is also going to be doing more videos as she gets further into her journey. Also, don’t forget to check out her HTMA blog posts: 

Another key piece of information a hair analysis can tell us, is how much energy a person is operating on currently. You can see how well the adrenal glands are or are not functioning (from the sodium-to-magnesium ratio) and determine how far into adrenal fatigue one is (also from the individual sodium and potassium levels as well as the Na/K ratio).

Also we can tell how effectively one’s thyroid gland is functioning based on the calcium-to-potassium ratio. The closer your ratio is to 4.0 the more energy you will have.

*Note: the hair test does not tell us how much thyroid hormones are being produced, only if the gland itself is sluggish or not. This is crucial to know FIRST before hormone panels are run and one is put on hormones prematurely. A hair test gives us a more accurate measure of the function of the thyroid.

Dr. Eck (founder of Analytical Research Labs) says;

A person can have normal levels of thyroid hormone in his/her blood and still have a weak thyroid gland’.

Hair analysis is a key way to determine the health of your thyroid apart from blood tests and thyroid panels. Once you know how the gland is functioning you can work to correct it and if you are not making headway, looking into a hormone panel is an excellent next step. Adding hormones first however, will not correct the mineral imbalances.

As a nutritional therapist, I feel this test alone is the key place to start with each and every one of my clients. Once we know how well your thyroid and adrenals are functioning we will have a much better idea of what you are up against and just how long it will take your body to really heal and recover.

Truly, your hair can tell you almost EVERYTHING about your health. If you could do one test today for the benefit of your health – hair analysis should be THE one.

It is the MOST revealing test you can do for a very small investment. You will also get a clear plan of action from the answers the test provides you so you know exactly what it is you need to deal with.

If you’ve struggled with ongoing fatigue, lack of energy, recurrent health symptoms, hormone issues or more, this step is for you.

So, in light of everything I’ve shared in this post if you are ready to take action now simply click on the link below to learn more about all the benefits of a hair analysis and secure your spot today.

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