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How to Become a Kitchen Ninja// deliciousobsessions.com

Want to be a kitchen ninja?

I know I do!

I’ve been in the kitchen practically my whole life. I started helping my mom cook and bake when I was around 3 years old. By the time I was 6 or so, I was cooking and baking on my own. I also worked in a restaurant (both front and back of the house) for almost a decade.

So, I know the kitchen very well … but, I am far from being a kitchen ninja.

With all of my knowledge and experience in the kitchen, there is still one thing that I lack…

… the skills to get dinners prepped and on the table FAST.

There HAS to be a Better Way!

Meal planning is something I have always hated.

It’s time consuming and hard to stick with.

When I do plan our our meals, the week goes ever so much more smoothly and I have a lot less stress.

After a long period of time of rotating through the same 3-4 meals every week, I started chatting with my friend Orleatha (who IS a kitchen ninja) and I learned that I’m simply missing some strategies to make my time in the kitchen more effective.

So, I got to thinking about my friends, family, and readers. I took a poll and low and behold, I was not alone!

Countless people responded to me that they really want to get healthy, real food meals on the table, but get so burnt out with the amount of time it takes to prep for each meal. They spend more time prepping than eating and that was a major deterrent from sticking with a healthy diet and avoiding the fast-food pitfall.

After your hearing overwhelming response and listening to your frustrations, Orleatha, my friend Kelly, and myself decided to create the popular website, 20 Dishes.

What the Heck is 20 Dishes?

20 Dishes is your road map to getting healthy, paleo meals on the table in a fraction of the time you are now.

It’s WAY more than just a meal planning site. While we will provide meal plans, shopping lists, and recipe ideas for those on the paleo diet (as well as the AIP and Low FODMAP diets), our main focus for this site is to teach our community how to get 20 meals prepped in less than an hour, saving them time AND money every single week.

Our goal is to take that frazzled, tired, overworked mom, dad, or caretaker and turn them into a kitchen ninja. Fretting over getting healthy meals on the table FAST will become a thing of the past.

In addition to proven strategies, tips & tricks, and mouthwatering recipes, 20 Dishes will also feature live webinars, kitchen training videos from leading experts in the paleo world, and much more.

Not only am I excited because it’s going to help me get my meals done a lot faster (and save poor hubby from eating the same thing over and over again — sorry honey!), but it’s going to help YOU! It’s going to open the door for you to follow a healthy real food / paleo diet without all the headaches and frustration!

The #1 reason people fail on the paleo diet is because of the amount of preparation that has to go into making meals.

How to Become a Kitchen Ninja// deliciousobsessions.com

Failure is not an option anymore.

With our proven strategies, you will be getting a week of paleo meals prepped in UNDER 60 MINUTES!

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this site. It has already helped countless people across the country spend more time LIVING and less time COOKING!

And that was our ultimate goal with this site. We saw just how frustrated people were getting with the constant food prep and cooking from scratch. We saw a lot of people toss in the towel and gravitate back to convenience foods because it was easier.

Don’t give up! We’re here to help your prepping and cooking become a heck of a lot easier. Check out this sneak peek of the amazing NEW dashboard that we just launched for our members. This dashboard is essentially the “easy button” of meal planning and prepping!

Ready to learn more? You know you are!

Check out the 20 Dishes site here and snag your 7-day free trial. 

How to Become a Kitchen Ninja// deliciousobsessions.com

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