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Do you feel like you spend way too much time hooked in to technology?

Have you ever hopped on the computer to check your e-mail and before you know it you’ve spent 2 hours perusing Pinterest and getting sidetracked on Facebook?

You come away from the computer in an electronic fog, you feel groggy and realize it’s lunchtime, the kids are hungry, the house looks like a tornado went through it and you just wasted a bunch of time that could have been spent much better.

Well I have.

It’s a sickening feeling. You won’t get that time back. You feel guilt. In a way you’ve just made your life harder because now your stressed you feel behind and you “could have” been doing some more productive things during that time.

Take a deep breath because I’ve got 4 tips to help you control when and how much time you are on technology.

I do realize that technology is a wonderful tool. I love it personally. I blog for goodness sake and love to share and gather information via the internet. I realize some people need to be online for their jobs and that’s fine, but if you follow these 4 tips you will find you have more time and won’t waste so much time on technology.

1. Unfollow People On Facebook: OK, this may sound a little rude but I personally have loved this.

Do you have some friends that post multiple times a day on Facebook? Do you find that some people just post negative or depressing stuff that leaves you feeling weighed down? Maybe some people just brag all the time and you can’t help but envy what appears to be a “perfect” life that they have (FYI it’s not as perfect as it looks!)

Well, if you’ve got some posts like this in your feed get rid of them! You don’t have to unfriend these people but you can unfollow! In the upper right hand corner of the post there is a little gray icon that points down, click on this and select “unfollow ________ ” and there you go, you no longer have to see every single nitty gritty detail of their life.

Save your facebook feed for things that will uplift you or certain groups that you want to stay connected with.

2. Check E-mail And Facebook Only 2 Times A Day: This is a big one.

It’s tempting when you work on your computer to get bored and just go and check out e-mail or Facebook feed multiple times a day. It just kind of happens out of habit or boredom.

Set 2 times during the day that you will check your e-mail and Facebook and make sure that it IS NOT in the morning or you’ll just get sidetracked and run behind all day. Pick a time in the middle of the day, I do after lunch and then once in the evening, I do after my kids go to bed. Set 2 times and stick to it.

3. Turn Off The TV: Some people might gasp at this but I worked out that I watch about 2 hours of TV each evening. Multiply that by 7 days that’s 14 hours of TV a week, multiply that by 4 weeks and you have close to 60 hours a month of TV. That’s 2 1/2 days each month I am spending watching TV and probably more!

Think of what you can get done with an extra 2 1/2 days each month? So much of what’s on TV is depressing, graphic, and just awful. Really try to limit it or just wipe it out all together and use that time for more productive activities.

4. Schedule Social Media For Your Business: This tip is more for those you use social media for business. My recommendation is to use a scheduling tool such as Hoot Suite or Buffer to schedule your posts in advance. That way you don’t have to log in multiple times a day to post updates.

This method has been so helpful for me to keep me from getting sucked in to my feeds! You can appear to your followers and clients that you are there on social media and stay front of mind without actually having to be there all the time. Responding to people can wait, remember your 2 times a day?

I hope that these simple tips will help you reduce your time on technology. I’d love to hear what other things you do to try and keep a handle on not staying plugged in all day long. Please comment below!

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