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To say that I love coconut oil would be an understatement. If you asked me what one food I always have on hand, it would be coconut oil. I have two quart jars of coconut oil (one refined and one virgin) on my counters at all times.

So, why do I love coconut oil so much? Well, because it has so many health benefits and a wide variety of uses, plus, it tastes good!

I have written a lot about coconut oil over here at Delicious Obsessions, but today, you can find me over at my friend Amanda’s blog. She writes the Natural Living Mamma site, which is an amazing blog with lots of great information on natural living, herbs, and tasty real food recipes. I hope you’ll come join me over there and learn more about the wonderful world of coconut oil!

Want to learn even more about coconut oil? Check out my Coconut Oil & Health section of my site, devoted to all things coconut! Now, hop over to Natural Living Mamma and learn all about the health benefits of coconut oil, how to select coconut oil, and more!

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