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Let’s face it. Most of us probably don’t give our digestion a second thought. We eat healthy, nourishing foods and expect our body to work its magic and make those vital nutrients available for usage in the body. We trust that our body is doing what it needs to do and we carry on with our lives. We may think that a few burps, a few farts (yes, I went there), feeling sleepy after meals, bad breath, etc., are normal and they don’t even phase us. But, those are NOT normal. They are signs of poor digestion and potentially other digestive issues.

Despite the fact that most of us don’t give digestion much thought, it is glaringly obvious that this world is full of digestive problems. A simple glance at a TV or magazine will yield countless ads for over-the-counter and prescription drugs, all geared towards making our bellies feel better? But do they really help? No. Because they don’t get to the root of the problem, which is identifying why your digestion is messed up in the first place. It is typically caused by leaky gut, but the cause of leaky gut can be anything from food allergies to heavy metals to parasites to autoimmune diseases and more. There is no single cure for digestive issues, because each an every one of is different. However, there are basic principles that will help us start healing our guts and then we can fine tune those to our own specific needs. 

Do you experience any of these digestive complaints/symptoms on a regular basis?

  • Belching or gas within one hour of eating
  • Heartburn or acid reflux
  • Bloating within one hour of eating
  • Bad breath
  • A sense of excess fullness after meals
  • Sleep after meals
  • Stomach pains of cramps
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Undigested food in stool
  • Sweat with a strong odor
  • Nausea
  • Light or clay colored stools
  • Food allergies
  • Alternating constipation and diarrhea
  • Pain between your shoulder blades
  • A history of morning sickness
  • Pain under right side of rib cage
  • Hemorrhoids or varicose veins
  • A pulse that speeds up after eating
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Itchy anus
  • Less than one bowel movement per day
  • Blood or mucus in your stool
  • Excessive foul smelling lower bowel gas
  • Cramping in lower abdominal region

If so, then you are suffering from some sort of digestive issue, no matter how great or small. But have no fear! You can fix it and I am PROOF that you can. Let me share my story with you.Why Your Gut is Making You Sick and What to Do About It // deliciousobsessions.com

My Personal Gut Healing Journey

In August of 2012, I started on my journey to true health. I have been sharing my story along the way, and you can read all of my “Let’s Get Personal” posts here, if you are interested. Long story short, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, which is an autoimmune thyroid disease. I really didn’t know much about it, or how to treat it, and I was not finding any answers with my MD or ND. I then turned to Lydia from Divine Health for help. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without her help. While I am far from “fixed”, I am well on my way and looking back over the last year makes me realize just how much I have accomplished.

The first thing I learned from Lydia was the importance in proper digestion and healing the gut. Any autoimmune disease (and really, any disease) can find its root in the gut. So, to address whatever issue you are facing, you must first fix the gut. I had no idea how to do any of this, but Lydia set up a plan for us and we started taking baby steps. Now that I am over a year down the road, I can tell what a HUGE difference this focus on healing the gut has made. I very rarely have any digestive upset, no burping, no farting, no bloating, no nausea. On the rare occasion that I do experience these issues, I can easily pin-point what it was that is messing me up, so that I know what to avoid/address in the future. It’s actually quite shocking to me now that I look back on how far I’ve come. I really do/did take digestion for granted, so when I really took the time to stop and think about my progress, I was amazed at the improvement in my digestion.

The things I have learned from working with Lydia have literally changed my life and now, she is offering all of that information to you. I am excited to now be working with her as an affiliate partner and her new Heal Your Gut eCourse is designed to help you regain control of your health and get things functioning the way they were intended. It was easy for me to start working with Lydia as an affiliate partner, because I can honestly stand behind this course 100%. I am proof that this course works. I believe in Lydia and I believe in the healing that can take place when you are armed with the right knowledge. Knowledge is power, and when we are armed with the right knowledge, we will have the power to change our lives for the better.

Heal Your Gut eCourse

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone and everyone! More than 90 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders, according to the National Institutes of Health, yet very few of us know where to turn for help and information. The importance of digestive health is vastly under-appreciated in today’s medical community and society. As the very seat of our immunity, good digestive health is imperative to live a truly healthy life. Impaired digestion can trigger problems ranging from mild stomach upsets to life-threatening cancer. Millions of people suffer day in and day out not knowing just how critical healing their gut truly is. Poor digestion can be a factor in symptoms such as attention deficit disorder, arthritis, asthma, chemical sensitivities, eczema, liver problems, autoimmune conditions and mood disorders. The goal of this course is to provide comprehensive guidance for those not sure where to turn. The greatest opportunity to recovery from health ailments and to ‘heal your gut’ occurs when YOU actively participate in the healing process. With Lydia’s support I believe you will quickly be on the road to better digestion.

Want to know how this eCourse has helped others? Check out some testimonials here. Each of our stories and situations are different, but we all need learn the basics, so that we can improve our health.



What Does This Course Cover?

  • Digestion 101 – How it works – How it can dysfunction
  • Healthy Elimination
  • Adequate Absorption – You are not only what you eat, but what you absorb
  • Food Sensitivities, Intolerances and Allergies. How to do an Elimination diet, plus supplemental support to heal leaky gut
  • GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) Lesson with Certified GAPS Practitioner, Melanie Christener, plus a Q&A audio
  • Fermented/Cultured Foods & Probiotics
  • How magnesium supports digestive health
  • Holistic Treatment Options for Candida
  • How to put it all together and implement

Want to know more? Check out the Full Course Outline here.


What Do I Get With My Registration?

This 17 week course is self-paced and provides you with unlimited access to the materials. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Course starts June 5th – Learn at your own pace, unlimited access
  • 45+ self-paced lessons
  • Private Facebook group where you can ask questions that pertain to the course material
  • LOTS of bonus material

Want to know more? Check out this sample lesson here, and you’ll be able to get a better idea of what and how the information will be presented.

For this course, you will need to have email and a Facebook account is helpful to access the private group where discussion will take place for the duration of the class time. Lydia will keep the group open for one week after the class so you can download or collect any information you want. You can expect regular interactions on the private group, along with weekly updates from Lydia on any further information pertaining the lecture, such as links, advice, recipes, how to’s, videos, recommended reading and handouts! Downloads and handouts will be sent out via email weekly.

Ready to take charge of your health? Learn more and register here, or click on the register now button below.




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