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I am SUPER excited about this opportunity to review the brand new wild caught fish products from my affiliate partner, Tropical Traditions! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you are a new customer and make a purchase through one of the links, you will receive a free copy of Tropical Traditions’ Virgin Coconut Oil Book (a $25.00 value) and I receive a discount coupon for referring you!

Who Is Tropical Traditions?

Tropical Traditions is America’s source for coconut oil and other coconut products. They have an incredibly strong commitment to family farming and organic standards and stand firmly against genetically modified foods (GMOs). They thoroughly research the products that they sell and learn exactly how they are produced and who produces them. In a world where our food supply is continually polluted, it is great to know that a company will go to such lengths to provide, clean, safe, healthy products for their customers and their own families.

You all know that I am a huge fan of Tropical Traditions and their products. I have been shopping with them for close to a decade. My mom and I started off buying their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil back in the mid-2000s, and we have both been loyal customers ever since. Coconut oil is a staple in my house and I always have at least a gallon on hand, if not more! If you’re new to the coconut oil world, check out their article, titled “What Is Virgin Coconut Oil?” and it will fill you in on all the facts. I have also written a lot about the subject and you can find all of those coconut oil articles here. I think over that time, I have tried most of their products and I still use a wide range of their products in my home. They not only offer organic coconut products, but they also offer other organic foods, non-toxic household cleaners, and grass-fed and pastured meats. And now, they have made me even more happy by adding sustainable fish to their list of products!

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Tropical Traditions Wild Caught Alaskan Fish Review

High-quality wild caught fish can be difficult to source. Not everyone lives near the ocean or has a good local source for healthy, sustainable fish. In that case, we have to rely on other companies, like Tropical Traditions, to help us locate these products for our family. Well, Tropical Traditions has done just that. They recently started offering three types of Wild Caught Alaskan Fish:

I love all three of these varieties of fish and was beyond thrilled when Tropical Traditions asked me if I’d like to sample some of the new stock. Of course, I said yes, so they sent me out some to try. I received the cod and halibut for this review, as the salmon is not yet in stock (but will be soon!). I was under no obligation to post a review or host a giveaway in exchange for the free samples. All opinions shared in this post are mine and keep in mind that I never recommend products that I have not personally tried and love.

Tropical Traditions sources their wild-caught Alaskan fish directly from the fishermen in Alaska. Because of the strict regulations in place, commercial harvest limits are closely monitored by the State of Alaska in order to safeguard each species and their surrounding ecology. This makes fisheries within the state of Alaska very eco-friendly and sustainable and the fish provided by Tropical Traditions is a great option for those who are conscious of these issues.

We know that wild-caught fish is good for us, or have at least heard all the buzz surrounding the topic. The reason for this buzz is that oily fish from cold waters provide one with the best source of healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids. While you can take Omega 3 supplements, I am a strong advocate for getting vital nutrients from food first and foremost, and then supplements second, if needed.

Cod is one of the most common fish on the market today because it is mild and versatile. It is also very affordable and is a great way to get more fish in your diet without breaking the bank. I love cod for these very reasons. My all-time favorite way to eat cod is the classic fish and chips. The next best way to make it is to use a simple blackening (Cajun) seasoning, and then pan fry it in coconut oil (grab the recipe for Pan-Seared Cajun Spice Cod here). I was so excited to try the cod that we ate it for dinner the day it arrived. It was delicious and everything I expected – tender and flaky with a mild taste that paired perfectly with the Cajun seasoning. You can also bake it, broil it, or steam it. Careful if you want to grill it, as it is a tender flaky fish and doesn’t hold up to grilling as well as salmon or halibut. The cod that Tropical Traditions provides comes directly from local fisherman in the Gulf of Alaska. This cod is MSC certified, meaning that it is harvested responsibly and sustainably. Learn more about their Wild-Caught Pacific Cod here.

Pan-Seared Cajun Spice Cod | deliciousobsessions.com

Click on the image to grab the delicious recipe!

Next, I got to try the Alaskan Halibut. Halibut is always a treat for me, as it’s not one that I can find a good source for most of the time. This halibut also comes directly from local fisherman living in Alaska. Each fish is wild-caught and handled with special care upon the family-owned fishing boat. The fisherman have developed special quality enhancing techniques when it comes to handling, which reduces the stress on the fish and ensures the best taste and texture when it arrives at your home. Also, for those of you who are sushi lovers like me, this halibut is premium sushi grade quality. It tastes delicious baked, grilled, or tempura battered (I did not try it raw, though I will next time around). I love my halibut steaks grilled with lemon, rosemary, and thyme (grab the recipe for Lemon Rosemary Halibut here). Then top it with a generous dollop of grass-fed butter or ghee and it’s pure heaven! I honestly feel that this was the best halibut I’ve ever had. The meat was more tender and more delicate than any other halibut I’ve tried. The taste was mild and slightly sweet. The fish is melt-in-your mouth delicious. I am thrilled with the quality of this halibut. Learn more about their Wild-Caught Alaskan Halibut here.

Lemon Rosemary Alaskan Halibut Recipe | deliciousobsessions.com

Click on the image to grab the delicious recipe!

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