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This Pan Seared Cajun Cod Filet Recipe is literally the easiest recipe ever. Take a simple fish filet and within just a few minutes, you have a delicious dinner. Did I mention simple? You can pair it with any side dish you want. I personally love to eat it with my spicy cabbage and carrot slaw (with probiotic dressing), but it would be delicious with just about anything. Or, another great idea is to chop up the fish once it’s done and use it for fish tacos. YUMMMO! I use my homemade blackening seasoning for this recipe, but you could use any Cajun seasoning that you like.

Cod is one of my all-time favorite fish, partially because I love the texture and flake and partially because it’s a very economical piece of seafood. The mild taste makes it suitable for a wide range of preparations, though this is my all-time favorite way to fix it. I simply had to share this recipe now, because one of the questions that I always get is “how do we cook real food dinners, fast?” Well, it doesn’t get much quicker than this! Cod cooks very fast and it’s easy to overcook. When you overcook it, it will get “rubbery”, so it’s best to leave it slightly undercooked and remove it from the heat. It will finish cooking as it sits for a couple minutes.

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