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UPDATE: This book is no longer available, but you can find my favorite book about broth, stock, and health on Amazon here.

I LOVE BROTH! And now, my friend Patty from Loving Our Guts has written a new eBook all about broth!

Broth is one of the major super foods that does not get enough credit. It is so nourishing and healing for the whole body, especially for the gut. Being that I am currently working on healing my leaky gut, broth is a staple in my diet. I try to eat it in some form every single day. I agree with Patty — broth really is the elixir of life.

Patty is the author of Loving Our Guts, a website that shares her family’s healing journey. Broth has played (and continues to play) a major role in that healing journey and she wrote this book not only to share her love of broth, but to encourage more people to include it as a staple in their diet. This book is designed to be a resource for everyone, no matter if you’re new to real and nourishing foods, or if you’re an expert “real foodie”.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The benefits of bone broth
  • Basic bone broth instructions, tools, and cooking times
  • Different ways to make bone broth
  • A variety of bone broth recipes, from chicken to rabbit to fish and everything in between
  • Sneaky ways to incorporate broth into your family’s diet
  • Recipes that use broth
  • And, some bonus grain free bread recipes (because nothing is better than soup and bread!)

I have been making broth for years and years, but I always make it the same way and store it the same way. I make my broth in batches about once every two months or so and then portion it up to freeze and have on hand. Well, sometimes this takes up quite a bit of space, because I freeze in Mason jars. The one thing that I am so super excited to try from this eBook is dehydrating broth for easy storage. I really need to invest in a dehydrator, and this tutorial alone makes me want to do that. I’d love to open up some much needed space in my freezer.

The other section that I really loved was the sneaky ways to incorporate bone broth into your diet. Many times, I don’t mind drinking a mug of warm broth all by itself. I always have soup in the freezer, but what about those times when that just doesn’t sound good? Patty shows us some really creative ways to add bone broth into places you’d never imagine!

I recommend this eBook to anyone who follows a real/traditional food diet. It would also make a great gift for someone who is interested in incorporating more nourishing foods into their diet. Like I mentioned above, I have been making broth for years, but I learned a lot of new information when reading this book.

Now, for the fun stuff! Patty is giving away one copy of her new eBook to a lucky reader (a $12.97 value)! Visit this link to enter for your chance to win.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy now, you can save 30% off with coupon code DO30. Visit her site to learn more. This coupon code will be valid through Monday, May 13th. Don’t worry! If you happen to be the winner, Patty will happily refund your money!

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