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Today, I have a guest post by my friend, Starlene Stewart, author of GAPS Diet Journey. Starlene has been chronicling her experience on the GAPS Diet at her blog and has recently released her first e-cookbook Beyond Grain & Dairy. I am honored to call Starlene a friend and have learned a lot from her in the time I have known her. Starlene is here to share her recipe for grain-free, dairy-free cookie cutter cookies! Please give her a warm welcome, as I am very excited about this fun recipe! 🙂


Thanks, Jessica! One of my fondest memories of childhood, and with my own children, was making Christmas cookies using rolled out dough and cookie cutters. Those old favorite recipes aren’t “legal” around here anymore and when I recently saw a recipe at Real Food Forager I knew I had to try them out. In the post, Jill asked if anyone had any ideas for decorating the cookies that would be GAPS or SCD legal. I guess this got my creative juices flowing because I started thinking of ways to decorate. The thought percolated in my mind for a couple of weeks and this is what I came up with… these super cute snow people. Aren’t they adorable? They are almost too cute to eat! The snowmen have orange hats with a purple hat band and sport purple scarves while the snowwomen wear hats with flowers and purple aprons. I had so much fun making these cuties! (see the cute little people in the photo above!)

Although butter and ghee are legal on GAPS, I know there are a lot of people who don’t tolerate even butter and ghee, so I thought I would try making these cookies with coconut oil. The original recipe called for lemon zest, and I only had oranges, so there was another substitution. I also decided to omit the baking soda but added in 1/8 of teaspoon cloves. Before I knew it, I’d completely adapted the recipe!

I know you want to make some of these as soon as you can, so let me get right to the recipe.

Let us know if you get a chance to try these cookies! Remember to come over and check out my egg-free version of these cookies and also to see how I made my snow people’s “clothing”. Thank you, Jessica, for letting me guest post at your blog today!

About The Recipe Author: Starlene is the creator and author of GAPS Diet Journey, where she chronicles her journey to health on the GAPS Diet and shares GAPS legal recipes. She also has a Blog Talk Radio show where she shares the testimonials for adults and children who are healing on the GAPS Diet. Starlene is married with two adult sons. She lives in rural Arizona on a small hobby farm with chickens, one duck, several dogs and two cats. Starlene has recently released her first e-cookbook Beyond Grain & Dairy which includes 28 brand new recipes plus 95 recipes from her blog. Starlene is a member of the Nourished Living Network and is excited to share her knowledge with her fellow bloggers and readers. You can keep up with her through her blog, or connect with Starlene on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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