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We live in a toxic world. A toxic, toxic world. We are exposed to more toxins on a daily basis than most of us realize. We are surrounded — in our water, in our air, in our soils, in our paint, furnishings, etc.

Avoiding all toxins is virtually impossible, but we can do our best to reduce the amount that we are exposed to. The best place to start is with our household cleaning supplies. So many of the commercial products are made with dangerous chemicals that can create a host of problems with long-term exposure.

Tropical Traditions Non-Toxic Household Products

I have long been a fan of Tropical Traditions line of non-toxic household products. I love knowing that each product is made with simple, natural ingredients that won’t harm me or my family. I have reviewed many of their products in the past, including their dishwasher detergent, laundry soap, and oxygen bleach, all of which continue to be staples in my home.

They recently sent me a container of their dish liquid to try and just like their other household products, the soap did not disappoint. Whenever you try a new non-toxic product, I think there is always some hesitation because you think it might not work as well as commercial brands. No need to have those thoughts here. This product kicks butt! Lots of suds. Lots of cleaning power. And absolutely no toxins!

Tropical Traditions non-toxic dish liquid is free of:

  • Fragrances
  • Dyes
  • Petroleum Solvents
  • Respiratory and Skin irritants

This soap is specially developed by, and for, people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. The soap, like many of their other non-toxic household products, is a coconut-based product. If you wash dishes by hand, it won’t leave your skin feeling rough and dry, yet it is tough enough to clean up the dirtiest dishes. Also, the soap breaks down safely, so it is safe for the environment.

The ingredient list is simple:

  • Deionized water
  • Coconut and sugar-based cleansing and sudsing agents
  • Plant-based surfactants
  • Emulsifiers

If you’re not already familiar with Tropical Traditions, let me tell you a little about them. They are America’s #1 source of coconut oil. They are the only brand of coconut oil that I purchase. I have tried many, many brands of coconut oil over the years, and I truly believe that theirs is the best on the market. I love their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil (you can read a little more about what makes this oil so special). I also love their expeller-pressed coconut oil, which gives me a neutral flavored oil to cook and bake with (plus, it’s the kind that the pups get — read why coconut oil is good for our pets!). In addition to the coconut oil, they also carry a wide variety of other organic foods, health and beauty products, and 100% grass-fed meats.

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