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Welcome to the first Fermentation Friday! Each Friday, I will be featuring some of the yummy ferments that you may have missed this week. It’s so hard to keep up with all of our favorite blogs and Facebook pages, so it’s no wonder we’re constantly missing goodies!

First up, we have Jessica’s recipe for Cultured Watermelon Rind. Jessica is the publisher of the Natural Health and Prevention website. I really want to try this, but that means buying a watermelon, which is more sugar than I can eat right now. I love watermelon and really have a hard time controlling myself when I have one cut up! Anyone want to buy a watermelon and give me their rinds? 🙂

Cultured Watermelon Rind from Natural Health and Prevention

Do you know the importance of salt in the lactofermentation process? It is a critical aspect of lactofermentation, yet, it kind of be confusing. The amount of salt you add to ferment will directly affect how well that ferment does. Check out this awesome post from KerryAnn Foster of the Cooking Traditional Foods website and learn more about salt and lactofermentation.

Salt and Lactofermentation from Cooking Traditional Foods

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Beet kvass is on my list of ferments that I will be trying next. My nutritional therapist, Lydia from Divine Health, raves about it. She drinks hers religiously and I think that it would be a beneficial addition to my routine as I try to heal my body. Lydia shared her recipe for beet kvass done in the Pickl-It jar this week.

Beet kvass from Divine Health

You know that I love water kefir! I’m not alone! This week Patty, from the website Loving Our Guts, shared her recipe for water kefir done in the Pickl-It jars. Water kefir is a great, probiotic beverage that even the pickiest eaters, er, drinkers, will like. It is a great replacement for soda for those who are transitioning away from that beverage.

Water kefir recipe from Loving Our Guts

Do you love onions as much as I do? If so, you’ll probably love this recipe for fermented red onions from Melanie at Pickle Me Too. Yum! I can’t wait to make a batch of these. I love onions and I really love red onions. Plus, her salad looks amazing!

Fermented Red Onions from Pickle Me Too

The Hybrid Rasta Mama sure turned some heads this week with her post “Are You a Fermentation Floozy?” While her post got some mixed reviews from readers, I think she did a great job of adding some humor to a serious topic. For those who are serious about healing gut issues, the proper fermentation vessel should be of concern.

Are You a Fermentation Floozy? From Hyrbid Rasta Mama

If you missed it, this week, I shared my updated recipe for my lactofermented garlic dill carrots. This recipe is designed for the Pickl-It and they taste great. The thing I love about using the Pickl-It jars is that the ferments are so much less salty than the traditional Mason jar recipes. I am learning to enjoy my fermented foods now, where in the past, I never wanted to eat them, because they were so dang salty! These carrots are great for picky eaters, so if you’re trying to introduce fermented foods to your family, this might be a good way to do that!

Lactofermented carrots with dill and garlic

Make sure you come back next Friday to see what other fun, probiotic foods we’ll be featuring. Also, make sure you visit the other blogs in the Fermentation Friday Circle and show them some love: Cooking Traditional Foods, Natural Health and Prevention, Divine Health, Pickle Me Too, and Loving Our Guts.

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