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Summer skin care - non-toxic ways to take care of our sking

I am really excited about this series! This upcoming week, I will be launching my Summer Skin Care Series. This series will feature reviews of some of the most unique and wonderful skin care products out there (in my opinion at least!). I am honored that these four companies have partnered with me and are allowing me to not only sample and review some of their products, but also allowing me to host a giveaway of some of their products!

Many of us are spending extra time outside during the summer months and this is a prime time for us to pamper our skin a little more than normal. I am always on the hunt for new, unique skin care products, but I have very high standards regarding the types of skin care products I use. I don’t want anything artificial – no fake scents, flavors, or ingredients here. Plus, I strive to avoid parabens and other petroleum products, because let’s face it. Those ingredients are incredibly bad, bad, bad for us. Did you see the recent article that 99% of breast cancer tissue contains parabens from cosmetics? YIKES!

Part of living a natural, not-toxic life is to eliminate as much exposure to chemicals and other toxins as possible. One of the easiest (and best) places to start is our skin care products. Remember, our skin is an organ and we shouldn’t put things on it that we wouldn’t eat. Granted, I don’t think I’d chow down on any of the skin care products I have reviewed, but none of them contain scary, toxic ingredients, so I have no issues using them on my skin.

Want to know more about who I will be featuring?

First up, we have my friend Lori’s company, L.c. of acirema. I was fortunate enough to meet Lori through the local WAPF chapter when I was selling some of my overstock of salmon roe (why I thought I could ever eat 25 pounds of salmon roe is beyond me!). I am so thankful to have met her and I am honored to call her a friend. She is incredibly knowledgeable about herbs and other skin care ingredients (she is a trained herbalist). What I love about her line of products is that she creates products based on the needs of her family — if her family won’t use it, she won’t make it! Find Lori on Facebook.

Next up, we have MadeOn Hard Lotions. Some of you may be familiar with this company and I am so excited to review and give away some of their fantastic products! I initially contacted Renee, the founder and creator of MadeOn Hard Lotions, in a search for a product that would help heal my poor feet. I consistently have problems with cracked heels and rough skin on my feet and no products that I tried helped. Needless to say, I started using her products and I fell in love. I’ll share more about my experience in my upcoming review! You can find MadeOn Hard Lotions on Facebook.

Next, have you ever thought about slathering your skin up with beef tallow? Well, I certainly had not! The thought had not even crossed my mind, until I stumbled across the company vintage TRADITION. They have introduced me to a whole new world of body care! Beef fat is where it’s at! 😉 Not only do they create a unique product, but they are a Colorado-based company, so it’s exciting to help another local business! Find them on Facebook!

Last, but certainly not least, I’ll be reviewing “Coconut Oil For Your Skin – Nourishing Your Body From The Outside In“, a fantastic eBook from fellow Nourished Living Network blogger, Jennifer Saleem. Many of you know Jennifer from her blog, Hybrid Rasta Mama. I already use coconut oil for my skin care quite often. I am a coconut oil lover, as some of you know from my posts “52 Uses For Coconut Oil – The Simple, The Strange, and The Downright Odd!” and “122 Uses For Coconut Oil – Even More of The Simple, The Strange, and The Downright Odd!“, so it made perfect sense for me to review this eBook!

So, there’s your overview! I am so excited to get the party started. If you’re not already, you can subscribe to my email updates or RSS feed, so that you’re notified whenever a new post goes live. That way, you won’t miss a single giveaway! Sign up for email updates here, or sign up for my RSS feed here.

We kick off the series on Wednesday, July 18th, so stay tuned!

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