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The tagline of April Lewis Patel’s new eBook says it all:

“How to make the most out of nothing in the kitchen”.

That is what this book is all about. Learning how to throw away less food and utilize what most would consider scraps to make healthy, hearty meals.

I enjoyed reading through this book and I see this as the perfect resource for newbies who are just starting out on their real food journeys, and experienced cooks alike. As people move away from the Standard American Diet (SAD), and towards real, whole foods, they might need a little help along the way. This book does just that.

April is the publisher of the blog An Apple a Day Wisdom, which focuses on “timeless wisdom from a single mom in a crazy world“. Her site is full of insight and advice on faith, family, friendship, finances, as well as recipes and lots of other great information!

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Don’t Compost it, Cook It!

In April’s book, Don’t Compost it, Cook it, April likes to “break things down to the fundamentals“. And the fundamentals are what so many people in today’s world are missing. She discusses her real food journey, where she’s been, and where she is now. It all started with a CSA membership.

I never realized a simple CSA membership would change every aspect of my life. I found myself cooking even more homemade meals than I was before, and I cooked homemade all the time. But more than that, I was cooking more wholesome meals!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way to help support your local economy and eat nourishing, whole foods that are in season where you live. I personally feel that these are two very important reasons to join a CSA. April discusses the pros and cons of joining a CSA, as well as what you can expect and how to decide if a CSA is right for you. She also gives you some helpful resources to assist you in locating a CSA near you.

Zero Waste Cooking

April’s mission for zero waste cooking started with stocks and broth. As her skills and confidence grew, she moved on to more complex dishes, many of which she shares in the eBook.

I was using items you normally put in the compost bin to make delicious, homemade food. Talk about having zero waste! And when I did finish with the trimmings, and got every last bit of value they could offer, I still put them in a compost bin to add value to future produce.

And yes, she does have an entire section dedicated to “Picky Eaters and the ‘Gross’ Factor”. April shows us that it is possible to be a zero waste cook, even with the most selective of taste buds. 🙂

April provides you with the building blocks that you need in order to turn your kitchen into a zero waste kitchen. Her recipes show you just how easy, and delicious, cooking with “scraps” can be! She shares over 20 recipes with her readers, followed by some very handy tips and tricks that are worth printing out and hanging on the fridge!

I Want One!

Are you intrigued? Would you like to read April’s new book? Well, then enter the Rafflecopter widget below. April has generously agreed to give THREE of my lucky readers her book for free!

If you’re too excited about the book and want to get started now, you can purchase your own copy here. As an added bonus, not only is the book 35% off if you use coupon code: DELOBS2012 at checkout, but if you happen to be one of the winners and you have already purchased the book, then April will refund your money! How great is that!

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