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Traditional Tuesday’s Nutritious and Delicious Blog Carnival is for anything involving traditional foods. Recipes, techniques, tips, discussions on the hows and whys we do what we do, kitchen organization, appliances used, fitting traditional foods into your life and schedule, anything under the banner of traditional foods is wonderful. Posts, Facebook pages or websites on the politics of real foods and action alerts for individual states or topics are also welcome.

This blog carnival is hosted by:

KerryAnn @ Cooking Traditional Foods
Dawn @ Cultured Mama
Lea @ Nourishing Treasures
Melanie @ Pickle Me Too 
And me, Jessica @ Delicious Obsessions

This week, I chose my three favorite posts from last week’s link up. This is always such a hard decision!

First up, we have Lactofermented Mushrooms, from Real Food Freaks. I would have never, ever thought to ferment mushrooms. How creative is that? I’ll add this to my to-do list. I love mushrooms with red meat, so I think I might just like these as a probiotic addition.

Next up, we have Parmesan Quinoa Bites, from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition. YUM! These sound super tasty and I love quinoa. Quinoa is a great source of protein and amino acids. Can’t wait to try these!

Finally, we need to have some dessert. How about these Dark Chocolate Coconut Biscotti from Gluten Free Pantry? I love biscotti and before my real food days, they were a regular snack for me. I never thought to make some real food version of them. Looking forward to whipping up a batch!

Trust me, this was tough. There are so many awesome recipes every single week. Keep ’em coming and maybe you’ll be selected next week!



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