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I apologize for not having a new recipe to share with you this week. Frankly, life has just been too hectic for me to keep up on the writing, so I had to take this week off. The next few weeks are going to be rather busy as well, but I am hoping to have a fermented food giveaway next Monday! So, stay tuned for that!

Have you been following along with my 52 weeks of bad a** bacteria journey? If so, have you noticed a change in your health? What fermented foods are you eating and what is your favorite? Mine is still the pickled garlic. I just made 3 more quarts of it and have eaten a full two quarts since the first of the year. Crazy! That’s probably more garlic in two months than I have consumed in a year! It’s just so tasty!

In case you’re just tuning in, here’s a recap of the first 9 weeks of some bad a** bacteria:

Week 1 – Pickled (Lacto-Fermented) Garlic

Week 2 – Orangina (Lacto-Fermented Orange Juice)

Week 3 – Lacto-Fermented Ginger Carrots

Week 4 – Spontaneous Hard Apple Cider

Week 5 – Kimchi

Week 6 – Lacto-Fermented Blood Orange Marmalade

Week 7 – European Style Cultured Butter

Week 8 – Brine Pickled Brussels Sprouts by Melanie from Pickle Me Too

Week 9 – The Triple S – Super Simple Sauerkraut

Stay tuned for more great ferments coming your way in 2012! And make sure you don’t forget to tune in next week for a fun fermented giveaway!

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